December 2016

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  • Software Localization Best Practices

    Unlocking Secrets of Software LocalizationSoftware localization is both an art and a science. Yet is is almost never taught in schools. It is learnt on an as needed basis during product development, or worst, during product release! If you are looking for a comprehensive Software Localization website that can guide you through your most difficult software localization projects, look no more. is released to do just that! Be proactive and check it out before you next international release!!

  • Translation Profession Love

    GlobalVision Christmas Working in the translation and localization industry is not an easy chore. Constantly battling deadlines in all international time-zones, managing stakeholders with different languages and cultures, while trying to normalize it all for our clients who are constantly demanding faster, cheaper and better service, is definitely not a walk in the park!

  • Healthcare Language Services and India’s Healthcare Growth

    healthcare translation services growthIndia, the birthplace of yoga, has an increasing growing population that needs more comprehensive healthcare. This presents many challenges, of course, as well as opportunities for companies seeking to provide more, and better medical services to India’s underserved healthcare clients. This means job openings for medical translation companies and healthcare enterprises in India, as well as foreign providers (drugs, healthcare technology, IT services, medical devices) looking to translate healthcare growth in India into worthwhile business partnerships that can help the private and public sectors alike.

  • Japanese Life Science Translations

    Japanese Life Science Translations Japan is renowned for its innovations in a variety of forward-looking fields, from advanced communication technologies to mind-blowing robotics. This holds true for the development of medical device technologies and pharmaceuticals. Advances in the life sciences hold the promise of a better, healthier life for millions upon millions of people around the globe — as well as a plenty of business opportunities for interested investors and entrepreneurs.