Japanese Life Science Translations

Drug and Medical Device Development in Japan

Japanese Life Science Translations Japan is renowned for its innovations in a variety of forward-looking fields, from advanced communication technologies to mind-blowing robotics. This holds true for the development of medical device technologies and pharmaceuticals. Advances in the life sciences hold the promise of a better, healthier life for millions upon millions of people around the globe — as well as a plenty of business opportunities for interested investors and entrepreneurs.

A medical translation service like GlobalVision, specializing in life science translation, can help new medical technologies — and the commercial enterprises promoting them — thrive in an international healthcare marketplace. And Japan, ranking third in the medical device market (behind the United States and the European Union), and with a GDP of close to 5 trillion USD, offers many commercial medical prospects.

The rapidly aging population (in need of more and more healthcare) of Japan, and a thirst for domestic innovations combined with a strong healthcare infrastructure already supporting plenty of medical device and material imports from aboard (worth over 30 billion USD per year) mean the market will continue to grow. The streaming of the manufacturer accreditation and regulatory review process opens in a new window will also likely make it much easier for new manufacturers to enter the Japanese healthcare sector.

Cutting-Edge Medical Device Development in Japan

Japan boasts one of the world’s most advanced pharmaceutical and tech industries (still the most advanced in Asia), plus a ton of medical device knowhow. This includes the development of wearable robot medical devices that are actually exoskeleton limbs that enable people to walk again, and 3D printing machinery that will one day be able to 3D print human tissue opens in a new window and cells, growing body parts (like an ear) for patients in need.

Life science translation services are an important component of this development process, needed inside of Japan and out. They help research institutes and companies looking to invest in life-saving (and life-changing) technologies connect with one another. And just as Japanese firms are investing in medical technologies abroad, like Hoya Pentax Medical is doing in Wales with Creo Medical’s microwave surgical device, foreign firms need to utilized a reliable medical translation service to take advantage of the many investment opportunities found inside of Japan.

Japan Life Science Week and Life Science Translations

A good way to get into the Japanese pharmaceutical and medical device markets is to keep track of the newest industry developments as they happen, establish a good working relationship with a professional medical translation service keyed into the Japanese language (and medical technology in general), and of course network at big medical technology events, like Japan Life Science Week opens in a new window.

Japan Life Science Week, and events like it, bring the worlds of finance and research together. They help cross-pollinate different healthcare sectors, ranging from the drug industry to the chemical, information technology, and medical device industries.

Life science translation for investors, importers and exporters aligned with pharma, biotech and other trailblazing medical fields, is a smart approach when creating or expanding business in relation to Japan’s powerful life science marketplace. Japanese medical innovations are flourishing inside of Japan, but as Japanese companies invest in technologies overseas, the country’s medical technology footprint is expanding globally as well. From regenerative medicine to nanotechnology (check out Osaka’s World Medical Nanotechnology Congress & Expo opens in a new window) and beyond, Japan truly is an international healthcare player now.

GlobalVision’s life science translation services, combined with our expertise in Japanese translation and worldwide languages, and our local presence in Yokohama, Japan, is the ideal match for investors and business people already working in, or planning to dive deeper into the field of Japanese medical tech.