Unlocking the Secrets of Software Localization

Software Localization Best Practices

Unlocking Secrets of Software LocalizationSoftware localization is both an art and a science. Yet is is almost never taught in schools. It is learnt on an as needed basis during product development, or worst, during product release! If you are looking for a comprehensive Software Localization website that can guide you through your most difficult software localization projects, look no more. SoftwareLocalization.us is released to do just that! Be proactive and check it out before you next international release!!

Unlocking the Secrets of Software Localization

Complete with how-to articles, eBook and a the start of a directory of software localization service providers, SoftwareLocalization.us offers translators, localizers, development engineer, localization project managers, technical writers, product managers and executives, the knowledge they need to make educated decisions regarding their localization plans and international product releases.

Need to learn the difference between full match and fuzzy match, pseudo-translation and translation, single sourcing and chunking, simultaneous and over-the-wall localization, top-down vs. bottom-up localization processes…? The differences are clearly highlighted into the 15 articles provided. Not enough, further reference of a localization eBook is offered.

Everyone can Participate

If you have incremental information that you would like to contribute that you think is useful to other software localizers, submit your contributions on the site. You can register your articles URLs or Software Localization Books. You will be credited for the contribution and your company can be listed as a software localization provider. The goal of the site is to disseminate software localization information to all interested parties, regardless of their backgrounds or company affiliations.

Register your Company

Would you like your company to be registered on the site? No problem! Submit your software localization company registration and the company software localization service offering URL will be added for everyone to see.

Get Free Software Localization Quotes

As more companies register on SoftwareLocalization.us, everyone will be able to request free software localization quotes when needed from multiple vendors. Just remember, when evaluating the quotes, confirm all the services offered in the quote and ensure that the proper process is to be followed. It is not secret that software localization quotes can vary by as ,much as two to three times, depending on their comprehensiveness and the level of service provided.

Check the new Software Localization site as soon as possible and don’t forget to relate your comments!

How to Plan & Budget Translation Projects WhitepaperWhitepaper – How to Plan & Budget for Software Localization Services?

This whitepaper presents you with straight forward metrics that will help you determine the budget and schedules needed for software localization services. Don’t request a bid without reading it first! Get now for free!!