Certified Medical Translation Services Assisting Medical Device Sales

Obtaining Medical Import Licenses in Times of Emergency

Certified Medical Translation Services When it comes to selling medical devices and pharmaceuticals, the amount of red tape a manufacturer has to go through to enter a particular market depends on the country the producer is trying to work with. Certified Medical translation services can lend a lot of assistance to commercial operations trying to navigate the linguistic and legal complexities that arise when importing drugs and medical devices into a foreign country.

And while there’s no “one size fits all” solution to conducting medical-related business across borders, or dealing with the national regulatory bodies and shipping permissions needed to finalize a sale, a translation service that understands medical terminology translation in a variety of international markets can smooth (and shorten) these transactions considerably.

How Medical Translation Jobs Help Save Lives in Times of Need

It pays to be prepared for when the need for medical equipment arises abroad — whether that means a process of several years, or a several months or less. A company’s reputation (and the amount of good it can do) will be enhanced if and when it can deliver the goods with as little hassle as possible.

In Saudi Arabia, for example, with the biggest medical device market in the Middle East (close to $2 billion), the majority of advanced devices are imported from the United States, or Europe. And while this is a volatile region, to say the least, Saudi efforts to streamline “Compassionate Use” sales by making the obtaining of medical device importation licenses opens in a new window (MDIL) easier in times of national emergency mean multinationals already working with medical terminology translation experts will have a competitive edge over their rivals in this part of the world.

And when it comes time to do medical device business in the future, the ease and efficiency with which a foreign outfit operates abroad will likely be remembered, promoting good business relations with governments, NGOs and hospitals in the years to come.

Certified Medical Translation Services Fostering Business Growth Overseas

The same general principles of doing business in Saudi Arabia can be applied to the medical device field elsewhere. In China, the medical device market is worth close to 50 billion dollars, with high-end equipment mostly coming from foreign producers. Professionals working in medical translation jobs play an important role in China’s healthcare and medical device markets in times of stability — and even more so in times of national crisis (disease outbreaks, natural disasters and more).

The World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes how important priority medical devices are for the “prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of diseases.” WHO even provides a comprehensive list, the Global Atlas of Medical Devices opens in a new window, detailing a nation’s (from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe) medical device needs, relevant regularity agencies, and just about everything else one could associate with medical device sales — from procurement protocols to the types of software being used for medical equipment management.

By establishing an ongoing relationship with a certified medical translation service — like the one provided by GlobalVision — that can quickly and accurately process medical terminology translation, medical device companies will be primed to enter foreign markets and deal with any translation or regularity obstacles that may arise — and then get their valuable technology to the people who need it most.

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