Translation Rate Per Word : Different Ways Translation Vendors Charge

Hidden Translation Costs Are Hurting You Down the Line

Translation Rate Per WordThe initial savings offered by what appears to be inexpensive goods, or services, can be deceptive at times. Just like buying a cheap car that turns out to be a real lemon in need of continuous repairs, those early low costs can dig into your pocketbook over time. So do translation rates per word!

This principle can be applied to hunting for a lower translation rate as well. This is especially true in this age of modern communication, and easily updatable media translation. The least expensive translation vendor you find might actually wind up costing your firm a lot of money, and wasted time, down the line.

The Real Value of a Lower Translation Rate

The language translation marketplace is brimming over with companies vying for your business. Some are reputable and adhere to profession standards (in-country reviewers, ISO certification and more), and utilize state-of-the-art translation management systems, while others are fairly loosely run shops that don’t vigorously vet their translators, or use (or grant clients access to) up-to-date translation technology.

A translation vendor that can’t offer long-term value might try to make up for this fact by offering extremely low per word translation rates, to attract potential customers. While this may appeal to some businesses, it’s a hard model to sustain.

In order to survive — while still advertising lower per word translation prices — many “budget” vendors have to add a heap of extra costs later on. And when dealing with media translation, including social media postings, websites, newsletters, multimedia presentations and a slew of other digital content that needs to be constantly updated (original and translated text), these hidden costs (tinkering around with word count calculations, limiting access to translation databases) can really mount. In the end, translation clients can get a very unwelcome surprise when those preliminary budgets start to skyrocket.

Dependable Media Translation Vendors Offer Value and Savings

While GlobalVision opens in a new window’s per word translation rate isn’t the lowest in the business, we’re crystal clear about our pricing, our total transparency, and how we operate in general. This clarity can, over time, save companies money, while also providing security and satisfaction — and of course excellent translations and service.

GlobalVision’s web-based translation management system, affectionately named “Wordbee,” is available day and night for every party (translators, managers, clients) involved in a translation project to access. This creates a work environment with wide-ranging transparency. Customers can closely monitor (if they so choose) every step of the translation process. Transparency and consummate professionalism are just some of the reasons why our customer satisfaction rate is 98%. And we aim to keep it there … or higher.

Translation Rates Per Word

Lower per word translation rates are tempting. But when dealing with media translation, or any other kind of translation that directly targets your client, employing an agency with a proven track record that does excellent work for a fair price just makes more sense. It’s a great way to guarantee success now, and down the road as a company’s translation needs grow, and change.

Find out why our customers are more than happy to pay our full rates. call us today to learn more. 

Lower Translation Costs

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