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Web Page Translations and SEO for Global Markets

website localization companyWhen you want your company’s products or services to be seen by as many eyes as possible, website localization services are key to getting into big and small markets alike, on just about every corner of the planet imaginable. It’s also important to remember that when an IT, engineering, medical, pharmaceutical or any technology firm hires a website localization company to translate sites, there are quite a few additional steps that can be taken to foster good international business. Translating the basic text, video or audio for multilingual webpages is only the beginning.

SEO and Keyword Web Page Translations Supporting International Growth

A great deal of time and care goes into building quality webpages — from the general content to the overall visual presentation. Not only the right terminology, but the right, style and the right keywords in conjunction with a comprehensive SEO strategy, often play a big factor in any website’s success. When using a website localization company for multilingual web page translations, search engine optimization and keywords (for target languages) need to be thoroughly researched and defined, because a direct translation of the keywords that worked well in the original language might not necessarily work all that well in another language.

A focused SEO localization strategy, like the one developed by GlobalVision, ensures that when it comes time to translate a website into a variety of language, each language will get the SEO and keyword attention it requires. This includes industry-specific keyword research based on language and country, as well as detailed optimization strategies for different regions and search engines. All of the research and optimization information, including terminology and keywords, is then made available for every partner involved on a project to access, and share when needed.

The Power of Localized Web Page Translations at Home and Abroad

Apart from meeting a company’s specific language, country and regional keyword and SEO opens in a new window needs, GlobalVision’s website localization services can help your enterprise zero in on aspects of web page translations and localization that can boost your website’s performance at home and abroad. By focusing on on-page optimization, pinpoint approaches to adding translated anchor links (integrated into the translation process), and infusing creativity into the translations when tackling certain kinds of text and web page ads (increasing visibility and ranking), your web page translations will have a much greater chance of succeeding — and delivering the convergences, customers and ultimately the revenue you seek.

Search engine optimization, keyword and language research, plus a host of other important variables all go into building effective multilingual webpages that can help a business thrive in different global markets. A translation service that provides modern tools, like GlobalVision’s easy-to-use web-based translation management system, makes keeping track of and updating multilingual websites and web page translations that much easier.

Website Localization Company

For people who translate, website mechanics — as far as what works and what doesn’t with translations — can present a lot challenges. Prepping a website for multilingual translations is definitely a big job. But with the right website localization company, it can be accomplished smoothly and efficiently, yielding impressive results for your business as it expands overseas, or taps into new markets (domestic immigrant and multinational communities) at home.

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