African Translation Services Support eLearning

How eLearning Translation Services Can Increase Access to Education

African Translation Services eLearningEducation and technology are going to play a big part in Africa’s future growth and prosperity. At least that’s the hope in a rapidly changing Africa. And with thousands of local languages, plus 10 or so main languages like Amharic, Arabic, English, French, Hausa, Swahili and more spoken on this enormous land mass, African translation services offering translation services from core African languages (used for business and education) into a variety of additional languages can bolster eLearning’s effectiveness across the continent.

Development and eLearning Translation Services in Africa

By taking advantage of software localization services and eLearning translation services, companies and educational institutions (grassroots and university level) investing in Africa, as well as entrepreneurs, can build a tangible foundation for African economic prosperity. eLearning offers a powerful venue for training and harnessing local talent. An eLearning translation service — like the one offered by GlobalVision — providing a variety of translation services from (and into) different Africa languages can aid organizations as they try to build a bigger eLearning digital footprint (app and web-based) in Africa.

Initiatives like eLearning Africa opens in a new window, which hosts conferences and cultivates relationships in the global eLearning community, brings talent and smart technology knowhow to North and Sub-Saharan Africa. Community-based tech solutions are being used by non-profits like Camfed opens in a new window to help keep girls in school in Africa, while Apps-for-learning is trying to improve education (managerial, math, technical skills and test-taking skills) across Africa through eLearning mobile apps and access to online educational courses. By linking lecturers, student and eLearning providers together, from Ghana, Kenya and South Africa to Nigeria, Senegal and beyond, the German-based Apps-for-learning opens in a new window is bringing the power of the smartphone to African scholastics.

African Translation Services Expanding eLearning’s Reach

African translation services can translate educational content from English into French, French into Arabic, or any number of other language pairings into a variety of platforms (audio, visual, text-based, web-based, software, etc.). By offering eLearning courses in different languages (the power of localization), eLearning professionals can bridge the educational gap more effectively, communicating with target groups in a language they easily understand. Modern technology is now providing greater access to [remote] learning in Africa as internet coverage expands, hardware prices drop, and interested parties take note of eLearning’s amazing potential.

Educational Initiatives Cooperating with African Translation Services

Africa’s population is growing incredibly fast, with projected numbers of around 2.4 billion people by 2050 opens in a new window. While nations and corporations have been investing in Africa’s agricultural and mineral wealth for hundreds of years, African translation services, in conjunction with software localization services and eLearning translation services, can help Africans — and people from elsewhere — create a business and educational environment with massive commercial potential; a business environment that can benefit from Africa’s unprecedented growth, rather than be hindered by it.

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