Cantonese Translation Services Significance

Cantonese Localization Services Helping Cement Business Relationships in China

Cantonese Translation ServicesWhile Mandarin Chinese is the official national language of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), working outside the Mandarin-speaking environment is often necessary in different regions (especially in the south), and different business environments. Cantonese translation and localization services are an effective way to reach the estimated 62 million Cantonese (officially considered a dialect of Chinese) speakers in China, as well as Cantonese-speaking communities (numbering in the millions) in other countries like Malaysia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Vietnam and elsewhere.

While Traditional Chinese is the written script in mainland China, Mandarin and Cantonese are the two main spoken dialects. By focusing on audio video translation and Cantonese localization services, companies can better take advantage of the industrial and trade acumen of Cantonese-speaking partners and customers living in China and abroad, thus building more successful business partnerships in Asia and beyond.

Regions Where Cantonese is Spoken in China

Spoken primarily in southern China, Cantonese (also known as Yue Chinese) is prevalent in Guangdong province, the Guangxi Autonomous Region and Hong Kong. This is important to know in relation to how audio video localization and Cantonese translation can improve business relationships and commercial prospects in places like the famed Pearl River Delta region of China.

China’s Pearl River Delta Economic Zone

The relatively small, but powerful Cantonese-speaking Pearl River Delta Economic Zone (PRD), which accounts for more than 9% of China’s GDP opens in a new window, has become “the factory of the world” due to its incredible manufacturing prowess. This makes it a prime spot for employing a Cantonese translation service, like the one offered by GlobalVision. Investors, engineers, technicians and captains of industry can all benefit from a translation edge when diving into the PRD’s competitive business environment.

The abundance of light and heavy industry (auto manufacturing, petrochemicals and more), along with a ton of foreign capital flowing into a mature service economy, means a huge amount of commercial potential already exists in China’s most affluent Cantonese-speaking region, and is only set to rise. An educated and experienced workforce has been busy transforming the PRD into a global high-tech hub (backed up by significant government investment opens in a new window) as China adjusts to changes in its traditional manufacturing sectors.

Cantonese audio script translation in service of audio video localization for advertising, in-house multimedia presentations, eLearning and software-based training modules (employees need up-to-date skills) — and a host of other Cantonese translation requirements — is the perfect combination of translation tools for working in this part of China as the commercial and manufacturing sectors modernize.

Cantonese Translation Supporting Better Business

With plenty of infrastructure projects turning the Pearl River Delta into a true megalopolis (Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong), and with the presence of Cantonese-speaking communities doing business in other parts of Southeast Asia as well, Cantonese translation, audio script translation and audio video localization can help investors, traditional manufacturing firms and businesses interested in high-tech reach new clients, nail down operational partnerships and integrate more efficiently into China’s formidable Cantonese-speaking business and manufacturing world.

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