eLearning Content Localization

The Global Impact of eLearning on Advanced Education

elearning content localizationDid you know eLearning is the rock star of global education? If online-education was a human being, it would have throngs of adoring fans chanting its name. eLearning and online-education have opened up the world of advanced education to millions upon millions of international students who would have been left in the dust without it. eLearning content localization, in conjunction with video audio localization, and armies of dedicated educators and trainers authoring interactive educational courses, are playing a big role in elevating training standards and improving access to advanced education around the globe.

Creating Global Multimedia Courses Through eLearning Translation

In places as diverse as Africa, India and beyond, eLearning is the buzzword on people’s lips. Advanced eLearning managerial and technical courses (or whatever skillsets markets demand), created with interactive eLearning authoring software like Articulate Storyline opens in a new window (often refereed to simply as Articulate), are helping democratize global education. eLearning content localization carried out by talented professionals able to localize Articulate Storyline (as well as other eLearning authoring platforms, like Adobe Captivate or iSpring), can provide exceptional educational content — tailored to whatever linguist or cultural environment is required — for the worlds of industry and education alike.

eLearning Drawbacks Can Be Overcome

Believers in the old adage, it is not what you know but who you know, may disagree. But while some eLearning disadvantages do exist, as remote students can miss out on face-to-face interactions, and that much sought-after human connection (which helps motivate learners to stick with their studies and can lead to career opportunities and advancements), the many advantages are just too great to ignore.

The ability to study on one’s own schedule, provide courses for people unable to attend a traditional university, or select courses offering the most desired skillsets are just some of the incredible benefits of eLearning. And remote education can be made more enjoyable and interactive through audio and video localization — which is another great way to keep student invested in their studies. Furthermore, in this ever evolving digital social world, it is no longer who you know, but who knows you! Improving one’s education is a definitive step forward in that process!

eLearning Content Localization Providing Greater Access to Education

The physical boundaries of school walls no longer define a good education. In Australia, according to a recent survey opens in a new window, accountants, engineers, managers and technical staff are looking to eLearning to advance their knowledge in skilled trades. In Africa, the Association of African Universities (AAU) and eLearnAfrica are partnering up to provide educational access to 10 million students through AAU affiliated universities, taking advantage of eLearning content localization and video translation services to provide courses in a variety of languages. India’s higher education system is boosting its national broadband coverage in order to leverage the massive potential of eLearning, with the ultimate goal of reaching tens of millions (or more) of rural students in areas not serviced by traditional institutions of higher learning.

eLearning content localization, like those offered by GlobalVision, combined with the expertise to localize Articulate Storyline and other eLearning authoring toolkits, are helping develop digital-based higher education around the globe.

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