Translation Services Opening Up East Asian Markets

Bringing the Power of Localization to Bear in China and Korea

Localization Services East AsiaIn China, Korea and East Asian in general, the number of people who can be reached through targeted translated content augmented by localization services (translating the nuances of regional dialects) is remarkable. While China has almost 1.4 billion people, with an official national language of Mandarin Chinese, you’ll find a ton of linguistic variety inside of Mandarin (strong dialects) — not to mention the many minority languages like Kam–Sui, Miao, Mongolian and Tibetan also spoken in China. And while South Korea (50 million souls) is much more homogeneous as far as ethnicity and language are concerned, businesses interested in consumer markets, hi-tech and even heavy industry on the Korean Peninsula will find localization services exceedingly helpful as well.

Professional Korean and Mandarin Translation Working for You

Mandarin translation and professional Korean translations benefit from the integration of localization services with a robust translation management system, allowing companies to dig into linguistically distinct regional markets in China and Korea. A good translation management system also allows a company to quickly and cost-effectively update its webpages and media presence whenever updates (market data is constantly in flux) are called for.

And even though people in the West often focus on international English translation from Asian languages, due to the mindboggling amount of exports originating from this part of the world, we need to remember just how massive China’s domestic markets are. China is forecast to overtake the U.S.A. by 2020 with a projected gross domestic product of more than $24 trillion opens in a new window. Young consumers are leveraging per capita income rises (despite some economic road bumps opens in a new window ahead) and the corollary increases in discretionary income to buy more and more goods and services domestically, especially in China’s phenomenal e-commerce sector opens in a new window.

South Korea is a geographically small nation, but with a GDP of well over a trillion dollars, this roaring economic engine can still boast the seventh-largest retail sales market globally opens in a new window, with a strong e-commerce component. This is why localization services that are adaptable and updatable via an intuitively easy-to-use web-based translation management system, like the one set up by GlobalVision (for translators, project managers and translation clients to access), are vital for investors diving into East Asia’s consumer (internet-based services, hi-tech, pharma and more) retail markets.

The Powerful Reach of Translation in East Asia

Localization is often that final touch that lets a company tailor its message to a specific audience, whether to folks speaking thick Shanghainese (a major Chinese dialect) or another related Wu Chinese dialect, or when nailing down the idiosyncrasies of Korea’s regional Gyeongsang dialects (spoken in the cities of Busan, Daegu and elsewhere) or the regional accent found on Jeju Island.

Localization services supported by a well-engineered translation management system enhance professional Korean translations and Mandarin translation by focusing the power of translation on specific regions. By localizing text for software, websites, eLearning modules, printed materials and packaging (perhaps originating from an international English translation), as well as audio and video content for local markets in East Asia, business teams can communicate to local markets in dialects people are familiar and comfortable with, in turn delivering the company’s brand or message as effectively as possible.

10 Tips On Achieving Quality in Translation and Localization

10 Tips on Achieving Quality in Translation and Localization

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