Don’t Skimp When you Localize Software

Challenges Encountered When Localizing Software For the First Time

Hawks' laser focus on detailsIf you think working with a team of experts is key to success when localizing software, you’re absolutely right. Language and subject matter experts, who have years of experience under their “localizing” belts, can not only provide professional software translations services, but also the technical and managerial expertise to oversee the non-translation (aka engineering) aspects of any given localization project.

Working with a language and software localization company will offer you across-the-board software translation services, from A to Z, without skipping any crucial steps along the way. Here are a few points to take into consideration when looking at localization companies, and the services they provide.

Software Translation and Software Localization Services Are Not the Same

Just because something is translated into a commercial language, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s properly localized and ready for local consumption. In a nutshell, software (or website) translation is about getting content from one language into another; the basic nuts and blots of the job. Localization further clarifies variable regional features of a language, and then zeroes in on these distinctions to fit the translations for the intended local audience. For instance, unit conversions form imperial to metric are a necessity when dealing with technical software. Date formats and address fields also need to conform to local standards. Furthermore, currency conversions, proper font and type support, sizing constraints… all need to be carefully considered and adjusted during correct localization.

Software localization services providers that truly know their field can build comprehensive, localized content (software, online help, manuals, websites, elearning courses and more) that provide consistent terminology and content during user interface localization and supporting documents, suiting an end user’s linguist preferences. This makes the software easier and more likely to be used (and sold), which can then foster and promote awareness of a tech or software company’s products and services around the globe.

When clients, contractors and employees are motivated to use software, or a particular web portal, because the software translation service did its homework, educating people about business and engineering software solutions becomes a lot less difficult. And this easy “usability,” based on regional linguist preferences, can ultimately help a tech firm operate more efficiently, generate more business, all while reducing long-term costs.

Localization Companies Supporting Software Firms in New Markets

While initial costs might be lower with bargain basement software localization services, they probably won’t save you money over time. Companies producing engineering and medical software, software for business solutions, and many other types of software benefit from quality user interface localization — as well as a variety of approaches to graphical user interface (GUI) localization — in more ways than they might be aware of.

Precise user interface localization — built by a localization company that understand the importance of user interface (UI) from the get go (and doesn’t cut corners) — is vital for a project to get off the ground in a new market. By getting the localized terminology correct from the start, a software translation service can ensure that a product’s UI foundations are solid, and that ensuing business and software transactions provide a net positive experience for clients and sellers alike. When hiccups suddenly arise because the UI was rushed (or outsourced to a value added reseller), a company’s reputation can be damaged, which can then dig into future market share.

GlobalVision is a translation and software localization company that grasps how the software localization process really works. When it comes time to hire a software translation service for your company’s user interface localization and translation needs, go with a translation service capable of taking a hawk’s eye view of a multifaceted software localization job while being laser focused on details, and is able to provide a quality service every step of the way.

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