March 2017

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  • Professional Language Services Benefit Many Industries

    Industries benefiting from translationIf you thought the scope of translation is limited to a few boring sectors, you’d be dead wrong. Translation is, in fact, an incredibly important business service that helps keep the world economy chugging along. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, translation, which is fueled by globalization and plenty of non-English-speaking folks calling North America home, is one of the fastest growing career fields in the United States.

    From media translation to engineering translation services — or maybe something more exotic, perhaps falling under the purview of defense aerospace translation services — global industries benefit immensely from quality translations provided by experienced translation services. Let’s take a look at a few examples.

  • Local vs. Global Translation Providers

    Local and Global TranslationsWith over a billion websites on the web, companies really need to invest in global translations and localization services to stand out. Just think about that: more than one billion websites (with unique hostnames) are up and running. That means your tech firm or IT service needs to distinguish itself from the competition any way it can. And a big part of getting your message out among all of the distractions offered up by the Internet is ensuring that the websites promoting your products and services are tailored for different audiences around the world. This is how translation and localization services can help your international business get ahead, and continue to grow.

  • Translation Collaboration Tools Fueling Website Globalization

    translation collaborationWhile immigration is a difficult topic these days in Europe, North America and beyond, with pundits landing on different sides of the metaphorical (and in some cases literal) fence regarding this complex issue, global languages and international commerce (in person and online) aren’t going anywhere. Double-digit growth, with estimates coming in the trillions for e-commerce retail sale growth by 2020, demonstrates how buying and advertising online will only continue to drive businesses domestically and abroad for years to come.

  • Medical Translation Vendors Help Save Healthcare

    Medical Translations Save HealthcareWhile the U.S. congress considers to repeal and replace Obamacare, the new legislation should attempt to address the causes of spiraling healthcare costs or its effectiveness will be short lived. Medical translation services can play a significant role in reducing the costs of medical devices and treatments. Here is how…