Medical Translation Vendors Help Save Healthcare

Bypassing the Regulatory and Technical Hurdles with Healthcare Translation

Medical Translation Vendors Save HealthcareWhile the U.S. congress considers to repeal and replace Obamacare, the new legislation should attempt to address the causes of spiraling healthcare costs or its effectiveness will be short lived. Medical translation vendors can play a significant role in reducing the costs of medical devices and treatments. Here is how…

Healthcare translation and life science translation encompass a wide and dynamic field, covering the medical necessities of the entire planet. The needs of healthcare researchers, providers and medical device manufacturers are multifaceted when it comes to healthcare translations. Language proficiency, medical knowledge, a deep insight into specific medical industry terminology, plus a solid grasp on how life science translation services work (across borders, and within different regulatory agencies) all need to be wrapped tightly together to deliver cohesive medical translations capable of satisfying a broad range of medical professionals, businesspeople and patients.

Life Science Translation Services Enable the Global Marketplace

Medical devices and pharmaceuticals have in many ways become international “citizens.” In other words, the teams creating them, testing them, marketing, selling and ultimately using a certain device or lifesaving medication can work and operate in dozens of countries, if not more. As medical technology and pharmaceutical manufacturing spread around the globe, medical translation vendors have grown as well, in support of the increasing demand for quality healthcare translation.

When it comes time to translate healthcare applications, directions, documents, labels, marketing materials, patient medical histories, surveys and a host of other materials to and from a variety of languages, translators need to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the life sciences. This is how a proficient translation team can localize new medical terms accurately and efficiently, and keep track of all of the regulatory data that accompanies the numerous scientific changes and advances coming down the line.

Mistakes are an unforgivable sin in the healthcare translation community, which is why skilled native speakers, with some serious medical translation education under their belts, are crucial to the ongoing success of any life science translation endeavor. You always want to make sure you’re working with the best when it’s a matter of human health.

By globally leveraging medical devices and treatments, companies developing them can amortize development costs across multiple markets around the world, bringing down their costs and their abilities to lower prices.

Healthcare Translation Benefiting Medical Trials Overseas

In addition to developing and selling medical services, drugs and equipment internationally, many firms are setting up or outsourcing their medical trials overseas. While Foreign Clinical Trials opens in a new window (FCTs) are heavily regulated by the American FDA opens in a new window, these days more than “half of all clinical trial sites are outside the U.S.” This means medical translation services and life science translation are integral parts of a testing and approval process for new medical devices and drugs.

With massive chunks of the data for medical studies coming from outside North America — often thanks to the lower associated costs, less “red tape,” local business incentives for researchers, plus other important factors — getting the ethics and data collection right opens in a new window is essential before a medical company can get good (and safe) products to market. And this is why the language experts who translate healthcare documents need to pay such close attention to how these trials work and operate internationally.

When researchers and translators work together, advances in the medical industry blossom, and costs shrink, which can be good news for patients, CEOs and investors alike. Congress, in their new bill, should therefore encourage new trends in healthcare translation services.

Medical Translation Vendor

A life science translation company like GlobalVision, with more than 20 years of healthcare translation experience behind it, is a perfect partner for tackling the many medical translation challenges likely to arise when doing business on the international stage. Contact us today!

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