Translation Collaboration Tools Fueling Website Globalization

How Translation Management Systems Enable Powerful Web Page Translations

translation collaborationWhile immigration is a difficult topic these days in Europe, North America and beyond, with pundits landing on different sides of the metaphorical (and in some cases literal) fence regarding this complex issue, global languages and international commerce (in person and online) aren’t going anywhere. Double-digit growth, with estimates coming in the trillions for e-commerce retail sale growth opens in a new window by 2020, demonstrates how buying and advertising online will only continue to drive businesses domestically and abroad for years to come. And since this trend is only set to intensify, web page translations capable of reaching clients online are fundamental to a company’s economic health. Translation collaboration tools, supported by an easy-to-use translation management system, are two very effective ways for building a global business’s presence on the web at home and abroad.

The Mechanics Behind How Translation Collaboration Tools Works

Just because English is the lingua franca of our day, that doesn’t mean it’s the most common language spoken in homes around the planet. In fact, people from Asia make up more than 50% of all online users, Europeans (and their many languages) comprise just over 10%, and North Americans clock in at around 5%. These statistics opens in a new window demonstrate how important translation collaboration is for getting your company’s international web presence up and running, while keeping your website globalization and web page translations targeted, up-to-date, and on point as far as how you choose to convey your brand to global consumers.

GlobalVision’s online translation collaboration portal is an integrated tool that lets every stakeholder in a localization or translation effort communicate effortlessly — and ask questions — across borders in a fast and secure manner. This in turns leads to better corporate and small business web page translations.

A well-designed translation management system (accessible 24/7), working in tandem with a translation collaboration portal, can speed up the entire translation process even further — from the start of an initial translation project to an in-country review and its final launch. All of this web-based translation collaboration power (backed up by a quality translation management system) ultimately leads to more accurate and timely website globalization, and allows necessary changes to be made quickly, with little delay at all.

Why Website Globalization is Right for Your Company

Assuming you want your company to work and innovate with, sell to, and create lasting business relationships with groups of people who don’t speak English as their day-to-day language, website globalization just makes economic and strategic sense. By making multilingual web searches simpler, as well as providing website translation that takes into account strategic keywords and key-phrases at the core of your industry, you can grow your international customer base through targeted regional localization. And this will help promote the quality of your products and services to that increasingly technologically savvy, and linguistically diverse group of people who call planet Earth their home.

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