App Localization in a Busy Global Marketplace

How Software Translation Can Sharpen Your App’s Competitive Edge

App Localization in a Busy Global MarketplaceApp developers usually want to reach millions — or a whole lot more. And to have any chance of landing seven-figure users, app localization needs to be part of the overall game plan. This is why language agencies that understand how to balance professional human translation with the latest digital tools of the trade (getting the best from human and machine) can help boost visibility, sales and downloads of new mobile apps just hitting the international market.

Why App Localization?

Why does a great app that’s already gone through alpha and beta testing — and been worked on for months, if not years — need to be localized and tinkered with even further? Because, in a nutshell, everyone wants their app (app developers and end users) to feel natural and comfortable to them. App localization is about language, and the ability of language agencies to take a mobile app and deliver an aesthetically pleasing, linguistically accurate (and hopefully engaging) smartphone app.

A team of language and programming experts that understands software translation, graphic design, and of course the detailed colloquial use of the target language, can create a localized version of an app capable of leveraging its popular local appeal, and turning that “local” appeal into even more downloads.

Marketing Mobile Applications Internationally

Apps are everywhere (but you already knew that). Starbucks opens in a new window made almost a third of its sales (29%) last year through prepaid orders online, or via the company’s mobile application. And according to BRP Consulting opens in a new window, 70% of retailers are looking to use, or develop apps that will help them identify an individual customer’s particular tastes, in order to deliver a more tailored shopping experiences to their client base. With mobile apps projected to generate more than 188 billion dollars opens in a new window in revenue by 2020, app localization — supported by advertising translation services — is no joke.

For example, the differences between Canadian French opens in a new window and European French, or perhaps the dialects of French spoken in Senegal, come into play when marketing a mobile app across international borders. French translation services that know how to combine app localization and software translation with that “je ne sais quoi” element that comes from professional human translation (something a machine just can’t deliver), can help ensure that an app localized into French fits the linguists nuances of regional French dialects spoken around the world.

This targeted localization can give an app an even greater chance of becoming a local hit, and then a regional hit, and perhaps even an international hit — with the potential of going viral on a global scale.

The Nuts and Bolts of App Localization

App localization involves a good number of moving parts: App translation services, programmers skilled at coding, human translators who have in-depth knowledge of specific industry terminology and local dialects, advertising translation services that know how to market localized apps (what appeals to potential customers, what doesn’t, etc.), language specific services (like French translation services) and more.

When it comes to one-stop shopping for mobile app localization (and all that goes into it), GlobalVision has every angle covered, with the language experience and broad talent pool to meet any app developer’s localization needs. Download the below free whitepaper to learn what the costs and schedules entail!

How to Plan & Budget Translation Projects Whitepaper

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