Medical Document Translation Consistency and Quality

How Proofing Builds Better Healthcare Translation

Medical Document Translation Consistency Quality Want to keep track of medical document translation tweaks (at the in-country level) without sending your company’s “head” into a spin? Regardless if your business builds surgical devices, develops pharmaceuticals, or runs clinical trials overseas, the need to maintain regulatory compliance across international borders is something that can’t be ignored. Regulatory compliance requirements call for a medical translation agency capable of tracking source text, and requested changes and updates to that text, in an efficient and accurate manner.

Streamlining the Medical Document Translation Process

When diving into the medical document translation aspects of any project, while also trying to meet the targeted (and variable) country-to-country translation/terminology needs, a robust process for proofing translations can save your company time, and help avoid those nettlesome bureaucratic headaches. And you’re in luck, because GlobalVision has established just such a translation process!

Whether dealing with Spanish medical translation in Latin America, or Russian medical translation in Russia or other Russian-speaking countries, expert project managers (working with professional medical translators and engineers) running a tried and true medical document translation process can streamline and simplify the job at hand.

GlobalVision, a medical translation agency that has been helping medical device manufactures stay compliant for decades, knows how to professionally tweak translations and fit them into any given country’s specific regulatory framework — without wasting a life science company’s valuable time, or resources.

This task is accomplished by setting up a translation database that digitally houses translated segments of a document, which can then be quickly updated, amended or reused at a later date. With the source text so easily manageable, different versions of a translation can be tracked and worked on without losing the consistency or quality of the original translations.

Real World Examples of Medical Translation Proofing

The importance of medical document translation proofing, and building a rock-solid process for updating, modifying or adjusting translated text, shouldn’t be underestimated.

Riffing off of the Spanish medical translation idea mentioned earlier, we can see that when tackling medical English to Spanish translations, even governments can get it wrong sometimes. After the US Government released a version of its app in Spanish, our team quickly discovered spelling errors, incorrect uses of Spanish grammar, poor punctuation, stylistic shortcomings and incorrect medical terminology. These are all errors our rigorous proofing process would have caught early on.

When it comes to Russian medical translation, Russian-speaking countries generally lag behind the West (medicinal blood-sucking leeches are actually a thing in Russia) in the healthcare sector. Even so, more opportunities should be opening up in the Russian medical device market, which depends heavily on imports, in the coming years. And for those firms that do go through the Russian government’s volatile regulatory process, working with an experience medical translation agency able to efficiently translate, modify and proof medical documents could make all the difference for a sale to ultimately go through.

Rather than reinvent the wheel with every translation project that pops up, companies can benefit enormously by establishing a relationship with an experienced medical document translation agency. GlobalVision can show your firm how to streamline the medical document translation process in the most cost-efficient, time-saving manner possible.

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