Foreign Language Voice Over & Script Translation Demand

Communicating Ideas through Voice Overs and Subtitles Translation

Language Voice Over and Script TranslationWant to grab the best foreign language voice over artists and translators you can to wow the business world with your multimedia content in East Asia? Then you’ll need to work with a crack script translation service that has also mastered the technical aspects, and art form, of international voiceovers.

Foreign Language Voice Overs and Translations

International multimedia thrives on voice overs and subtitles translation. And in East Asia, from Korean and Mandarin voiceover work to Japanese video translation projects (especially in the videogame world), there’s no shortage of media material that local professionals churn out, or import, requiring foreign language voice overs or script and subtitles translation.

East Asian Voice Over and Subtitle Translations by the Numbers

Remember, there are more than 1.6 billion people living in East Asia. The bulk of that number comes from China (edging up to 1.4 billion), although South Korea and Japan have sizable populations too (50 million and 126 million, respectively) — while also consuming and producing all manner of multimedia content (corporate training videos, entertainment, news-based services, etc.).

China has the number advantages over Korea and Japan, of course, but Korea and Japan have more freedom and less governmental media oversight, which makes these two smaller nations media powerhouses in their own rights. This is why quality Korean voice over and Japanese voice over work (have to get those Japanese anime translation and dubbing sessions just right), in addition to Mandarin voice over services, make for such a formidable grouping when working in East Asia

Why Invest in East Asian Voice Over and Subtitle Translation Services?

From the business side of things (producing, translating and dubbing), you’ll run into some of the biggest companies in the world in East Asia — most in need of eLearning and multimedia materials (translated) worldwide. Some of these companies include ICBC (Industrial & Commercial Bank of China), PetroChina and the state-owned China Mobile in the PRC, Hyundai Motors, LG Electronics and Samsung Electronics in South Korea, and Hitachi, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation and NTT Data Corporation  in Japan … just to name a few.

On the cultural side, there’s no denying the influence of South Korea in East Asia (even though China has been clamping down on Korean content for geopolitical reasons opens in a new window), with Korea-made television programming raking in more than 51 million dollars in exports in 2017 alone.

Korea’s media strength, along with Japan’s, plus China’s ever-increasing demand for media content (homegrown or imported) means Mandarin translation and Mandarin voice over services will continue to be in high demand in East Asia. The same can also be said about professionals that wield their Korean and Japanese voice over services, along with their script and subtitles translation expertise.

This is why building a great relationship with a professional script translation and foreign language voiceover provider, like GlobalVision, can put your media or tech company miles ahead of the competition when it comes time to plunge into the dynamic world of multimedia content in East Asia.

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