July 2017

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  • Medical Device Translation: Professional Translation Service

    Professional Translation Service Handles Medical Device RegulationsOverregulation can often collide with growth and business goals in the medical device industry. This is why medical business translation services are key to tackling the red tape often coming with strict new device regulations in the European Union and beyond.

    An experienced professional translation service concentrating on the translation and localization requirements of new medical devices can help a firm beat out its slower-moving competition, while reducing some of the bureaucratic and economic pain new regulations can cause.

  • User Experience Localization and Software Translation

    Software Translation and User Interface Localization ChallengesWhat’s the best way to handle software and websites with multi-language content, while still keeping your user interfaces and webpages glistening clean and fully functional? That’s one of the biggest questions almost any localization translation project tends to bring up. Confronting some of the trickier aspects of language translations for software — and the corresponding user interface localization questions — can be a daunting task (and the source of plenty of headaches), but it doesn’t have to be.

  • Web Page Translation Challenges

    Web Page Translation and Localization ChallengesThe need for continual webpage content updates seems speeding by like a NASA satellite zipping around the planet. If you want to keep your websites’ multiple language business content updated on a continual basis, you’ll need to work with a language translation company that understands the challenges that come with having to routinely update important web page translation materials.

  • International Security, Translate and Comply

    Machine Translation & International SecuritySecurity, in business or for a nation state, is something human translation can help provide. Of course machine translation has an important role to play as well, but a language service (private or government-based) that can combine the best of secure machine and human translation will have the fluidity to deal with all kinds of translation and security problems — while still offering a quality translation product at the end of the day.