International Security, Translate and Comply

Human Translators Helping Protect Nations and Businesses

Machine Translation & International SecuritySecurity, in business or for a nation state, is something human translation can help provide. Of course machine translation has an important role to play as well, but a language service (private or government-based) that can combine the best of secure machine and human translation will have the fluidity to deal with all kinds of translation and security problems — while still offering a quality translation product at the end of the day.

Human Translation and Military Security

When it to comes to transcription and translation services as far as military security is concerned, politics can tend to get in the way of human translation and the intelligence and technical translation efforts human translators are engaged in.

According to the Washington Post opens in a new window, “the Pentagon is considering a plan to cancel enlistment contracts for 1,000 foreign-born recruits without legal immigration status …” It seems some leaders are worried about “potential security threats” coming from immigrants who were put on a fast-track citizenship path because they had in demand medical and language skills. Some of the languages the Defense Department desperately sought when kicking the program off in 2009 were Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, Pashto and Russian.

And while vetting is extremely important, an absence of human translation capabilities in vital global languages could potentially put U.S. military personal — and perhaps even the nation — at risk in times of peace and conflict. And this might happen simply because communication and intelligence gathering efforts are breaking down (from a linguistic point of view) due to politics, and the fact that there aren’t enough capable language experts paying attention to what’s being written down and said out there in a complicated world.

Business Security, Translate now by Human Translators

The human translation component a language service provides can also help strengthen business security. Web-based machine translation platforms (like Baidu, Bing or Google offer) are easy to use, but also come with risks. Aside from potentially mistranslating complicated or nuanced details in an important business or technical translation, online machine translations offer little in the way of security.

Any unencrypted data you input into a machine translation tool is vulnerable to attack. With hundreds of millions of people using online translations tools every year, and with e-mails, project proposals, business plans, bids for services, queries about potential investments, legal contracts and other sensitive business information thrown online for a quick translation, it’s fairly easy for corporate ideas and strategies to be caught by hackers, or other players in the world of corporate espionage. Not good when a company wants to keep its strategies hidden from the competition.

Human translation is still the paradigm to beat. And by employing a professional language service like GlobalVision (which also offers quality transcription and translation services) that is committed to keeping your confidential data safe in the hands of seasoned human translation experts, you’ll be reinforcing corporate security while also receiving quality, accurate translations — which is great for business communications as well.

10 Tips On Achieving Quality in Translation and Localization

10 Tips on Achieving Quality in Translation and Localization

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