Web Page Translation Challenges

How to Efficiently Keep Translated Business Content Updated

Web Page Translation ChallengesThe need for continual webpage content updates seems speeding by like a NASA satellite zipping around the planet. If you want to keep your websites’ multiple language business content updated on a continual basis, you’ll need to work with a language translation company that understands the challenges that come with having to routinely update important web page translation materials.

Web Page Translation Challenges while Updating Multiple Language Content

Some of the biggest challenges involved with updating multiple language content (schedules, costs, ensuring continued translation accuracy, not paying for poor service, etc.) can be lessened by your choice of web page translation service — and how that service tackles these issues.

GlobalVision’s approach to maintaining quality, while also providing the speed needed for frequent updates (or how to efficiently localize website translations) is to take advantage of the best human and machine-based talent have to offer. This ends up being a fairly elegant translation solution, appropriately blending humans, processes and technologies, and creating well-structured translation assets (translation memories, terminology databases and knowledge-bases) to best serve clients’ and their end-users’ needs.

The Technical Nitty-Gritty of Updating Multiple Language Websites

In a nutshell, GlobalVision is a language translation company that, after consulting with the client and figuring out their exact web page translation needs (budget, time restraints, general expectations, expansion plans into new foreign markets), tends to employ a top-down approach to localization and translation updates, which involves working with translation memory (TM) databases and a translation management system (TMS) in tandem with human talent.

And by establishing a clear line of communication with a company’s web development team from the get-go, GlobalVision can then provide a web page translation package capable of updating target files as often as needed (or requested), with as little effort as possible. This comprehensive process can be implemented once the original translations coming from the source language have been completed, and thoroughly proofed by seasoned experts.

Making Complex Web Page Translation Look Easy

All of this seems fairly easy, right? Well, like many things in life, the simplest and most elegant solutions depend on planning, strategizing, and other complexities to get them off the ground.

A good analogy (and one that will literally get you off the ground) to invoke when thinking about how to update and localize website translations is air travel. On the surface, you simply start at point A and then fly to point B. But of course from the invention of flight to the emergence of the aerospace industry to our modern system of international airport hubs, it took a Herculean effort to make it a piece of cake for you to now hop on a plane in New York and safely fly to Dubai — and maybe watch a few movies and even take a nap along the way!

Lots of tools — including APIs and translation memory software (both save the web page translation client time and money) — along with a ton of human expertise go into keeping a company’s multiple language websites updated. And this is why you want to work with a language translation company you trust, just like you want to fly with an airline you have confidence in, to get you where you need to go.

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