August 2017

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  • Back Translation – What Is It and Why Is It Important?

    Blind Back TranslationWhat is back translation? This is something you might be wondering if you haven’t come across the term before. Boiled down to its core, a succinct back translation definition is when a translation team takes a translation document that has already been translated into a target language, and then independently (using a different translator or team) translates it back into the original source language. Simple, right? But why ask for a back translation in the first place?

  • Local Content: Why Marketing Professionals Depend on it

    Solar Eclipse Totality-8-21-2017 Want to bring your brand with a wow factor to a diverse, wide-ranging audience? Localization is the key. Businesses and their marketing departments depend on the power of localized, branded content to increase brand awareness, and their local market presence. The thorn in their side is the fact that when working with a business translation service on localized business translations, they often don’t know how much money to budget for localization projects — or how to get the most translation “bang” for their marketing translation “bucks.”

  • China’s Medical Device Translation: Keeping Current with Requirements

    Keeping Current with China’s Medical Device Translation RequirementsWhether your company is already registered with China’s Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) or not, it’s a good idea to stay current with the latest foreign medical device translation requirements. No one wants to hit a road bump when it comes to having all of the proper documentation translation ready to go when doing business in one of the biggest healthcare arenas on the planet. This is why the need to know exactly what to translate to Mandarin is a must when entering the Chinese medical device marketplace.

  • International Search Engine Optimization Website Localization

    International Search Engine Optimization Website LocalizationWant to increase traffic to your multi-language websites on a global scale? If that’s the case, then you (or your translation service) really ought to pay attention to international search engine optimization (ISEO). After investing a lot of time, money and brainpower into website translation and website localization, it would be a heartbreaking shame if no one actually visited your professionally translated webpages. This is where ISEO can help.

  • How to Translate eLearning Multimedia Content

    Translate eLearning Multimedia ContentDid you know that the cost of localizing multimedia and eLearning assets into any language is a fraction of the cost of producing them? Multimedia and eLearning training courses are ubiquitous. But often, you only find their content in one language! If you don’t want your company to get left behind by the global eLearning revolution, it might be time to consider investing in eLearning video and audio localization services, which have the potential to make your company’s digital training programs truly global in nature.