Local Content: Why Marketing Professionals Depend on it

Achieving Global Totality in Adaptive Marketing

Local Content

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Want to bring your brand with a wow factor to a diverse, wide-ranging audience? Local content is the key. Businesses and their marketing departments depend on the power of localized, branded content to increase brand awareness, and their local market presence. The thorn in their side is the fact that when working with a business translation service on localized business translations, they often don’t know how much money to budget for localization projects — or how to get the most translation “bang” for their marketing translation “bucks.”

Localization and Adaptive Marketing

When it comes time to translate, website localization focused on regional marketing (foreign and domestic) tactics can help ensure branded business translations — rich with content that resonates locally — reach their target audiences.

Adaptive marketing is the practice of adapting advertising messages and content to specific audiences based on individual or local tastes — and then adapting that content over and over again to match differed segments of a domestic market, or for customers living in foreign markets, or tailoring content to match preferences based on variable demographics (age, income levels, social trends, etc.). This is how trust and brand identity can be custom-made to fit the norms of local consumer culture, which can then lead to greater brand acceptance, and even promotion (through social media) online.

Precision language localization and transcreation is often a big part of the adaptive marketing process. Quality translation services specialized in comprehensive localization methods can boost adaptive marketing strategies by adding spot-on website and content localization to the mix. This is why marketing experts are focusing more and more on localized content.

Cost Effective Global Totality in Adaptive Marketing

According to a CMO Council opens in a new window (a peer-powered network for marketing professionals) report, the majority of marketers surveyed believe they need to do a lot more when it comes to localizing branded content. But they’re “stymied by the costs, time pressures and process inefficiencies,” as well as having to face the complications of “handling the logistics of localization at scale.”

In regards to the costs that go into localization, and to translate, website business translations of all sizes can often be simplified with an across-the-board localization strategy, which can help reduce long-term costs as well.

A business translation service that offers quality translation can walk a client through how an array of localization tactics — which utilize the best marketing translation and localization techniques and technology available — can make daunting localization projects more affordable, and manageable.

Some of these localization tips and tools include knowing how to build detailed translation memory files for all of the language pairs being used on a project, knowing what localization strategies to employ (these may vary for printed materials, software localization or web-based endeavors), consistently updating translation databases, archiving files for future use, and much more.

Effective Local Content

Three planets have to perfectly align to produce totality in adaptive marketing: excellent understanding of the target market, precisely crafted message and outstanding command of the language. By working with an experienced localization service able to implement a variety of effective approaches when localizing content, companies can offer their global consumers localized content that rings true to homegrown sensibilities and desires — without breaking the company’s marketing budget.

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