How to Translate eLearning Multimedia Content

Getting at the Heart of eLearning Localization

Translate eLearning Multimedia ContentDid you know that the cost of translating eLearning and multimedia assets into any language is a fraction of the cost of producing them? Multimedia and eLearning training courses are ubiquitous. But often, you only find their content in one language! If you don’t want your company to get left behind by the global eLearning revolution, it might be time to consider investing in eLearning video and audio localization services, which have the potential to make your company’s digital training programs truly global in nature.

If you’re working with French voice over content, a pool of talented Arabic voice over professionals, or perhaps digging into a Japanese video translation project, molding your multimedia content to the geographical and linguistic niche your firm is inhabiting (or planning to target) can do wonders for your international reputation — and your financial bottom line.

Why eLearning Video and Audio Localization?

From the healthcare industry to the technology sector, eLearning software gives employers a powerful set of tools to train (and update the skills) of their workforce, suppliers, partners and users. According to the website Research and Markets opens in a new window, the global eLearning market will expand to around $325 billion by 2025 (roughly 4x the worldwide translation and localization market) — thanks to steady market trends, new technologies and widespread interest in eLearning across the planet.

And when a company does decide to translate eLearning courses, the doors to a cost-effective, international training strategy swing wide open.

The Benefits of Translating eLearning & Multimedia Content

With more and more organizations making use of some kind of learning management system (LMS), and state-of-the-art eLearning authoring tools like Articulate Storyline 360 opens in a new window, Arabic and French voice over professionals — or perhaps Korean, Spanish, Russian or a host of other voice talent — can get to work on localizing corporate eLearning modules for different regions around the world.

Digital education is cost-effective (no travel, physical text books, classrooms or flesh and blood instructors to pay for), flexible (no fixed classroom hours), and scalable to a student’s needs (courses can be designed to move at different paces, and to utilize a variety of different teaching methods).

Multimedia & eLearning Translation Challenges

When it comes time to translate eLearning courses, there’s more to deal with than simply getting translators with voice talents such as a few French or Arabic voice over professionals to localize the text and multimedia content.

Some of the challenges that can arise include: how to coordinate all of the required technical and linguistic skills (and specialists), integrating unsupported languages by some authoring software, formatting foreign scripts and characters, as well as syncing audio localization with video content, which can also be an issue with video games, exemplified by Japanese video translation in the gaming industry.

Translation project managers pulling eLearning localization projects together also have to deal with how to match translated audio with the appropriate graphics, video clips or questions and answers (for tests and quizzes) in an eLearning course. And then there’s always the job of proofing and testing the various media components, making sure they all come together as a seamless digital whole, from start to finish, for each language and each locale.

If you want to take advantage of the eLearning revolution now, and in the years to come, make sure you work with professional translations service that understands the complexities of eLearning localization, and can deliver an end product your company will be proud of — and your workforce and clients can benefit from.

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