September 2017

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  • eLearning Spanish Translation

    eLearning Software and Website Spanish TranslationsEngaging in the technology business in Latin America? From Mexico (actually part of North America), and continuing south, the growth of eLearning platforms and streaming multimedia educational courses is transforming the way people, and governments, approach business and education. Professional English to Spanish translation, along with the need to translate software to Spanish for international eLearning courses, both have big roles to play in the economic future of the Caribbean and Latin America.

  • Malay Translations and Digitalization

    Digitalization Malay TranslationsDiving into the Malaysian economy through Malay translations isn’t always as straightforward as it should be. Malaysian society, and its economy, or going through a significant digital transformation now, for a variety of reasons. This in turn affects Malay speakers, any Malay translator working in Malaysia or abroad today, and the need to strike a balance between translated and localized digital content in Malaysia — as well as for the people accessing Malay language content in Brunei, Indonesia or Singapore (all with significant Malay-speaking populations).

  • Italian Translator Service: Optimism for the Italian Economy

    Optimistic Outlooks for Italian Translation Services and the Italian EconomyOptimistic about the Italian Economy? Well, having a positive outlook about the world’s eight largest economy (by nominal GDP) might not be such a strange feeling to have, given some of the recent economic news out of Italy. And while Italy — still dealing with a ton of debt — isn’t out of the financial woods yet, people working with Italian translation services and Italian industrial manufacturing firms, or people who are simply enamored with Italy’s landscape, culture of fashion, industrial design and Italian translation in general, just might have some reason to cheer.

  • Translation Services Canada and Language Diversity

    Translation Services, Canada, and Language DiversityPlan on doing international business in Canada, or with Canadian-based companies? If that’s the case, translation services (Canada-related), dealing with English to French professional translation (and vice versa), or technical and legal translation issues surrounding some of the other prominent languages spoken in Canada, should definitely be on your business translation radar.