Digitalization and Malay Translations

Helping Malaysia Create a Digital Society Through Localization

Digitalization Malay TranslationsDiving into the Malaysian economy through Malay translations isn’t always as straightforward as it should be. Malaysian society, and its economy, or going through a significant digital transformation now, for a variety of reasons. This in turn affects Malay speakers, any Malay translator working in Malaysia or abroad today, and the need to strike a balance between translated and localized digital content in Malaysia — as well as for the people accessing Malay language content in Brunei, Indonesia or Singapore (all with significant Malay-speaking populations).

Malaysia’s Digitalization Push

Engineering translations from English into Malay, and translations and localization for Malay business websites, are as important now as they have ever been. One example of this is how Siemens Malaysia is becoming a key player in Malaysia’s digitalization transition, and that nation’s push for attracting highly-skilled labor. Siemens is working in tandem with the Ministry of International Trade and Industry, and the Malaysian Investment Development Authority, to help accelerate digital growth.

Other examples of Malaysia’s digital push are highlighted by companies like Ikea, which is launching a robust e-commerce website for Malaysian and Singapore, or groups like Celcom, which is attempting to foster a healthy startup business culture in Malaysia.

With government and private businesses guiding various digitalization initiatives, is it any wonder that international companies will have mountains of content to translate into Malay? Online content covering the medical device market (given plenty of support by medical tourism), as well as other high-tech sectors, will have to be translated and localized into Malay — or else existing translations will need to be updated and improved with the help of a quality human translation service.

A Positive Future for the Malaysian Economy

Energy, exports and manufacturing in Malaysia are up, the GDP growth rate has surpassed recent expectations (outperforming other countries in the region), foreign companies like Dell are being attracted to the nation with tax incentives, and investment from countries like China (which comes with positives and negatives) are helping spur the economy along. From almost any angle you look at it, hiring a translation service that specializes in Malay translations, as well as business and engineering translations from English into Malay, is a solid investment when working — or planning to work with — Malaysia-based businesses.

Malay Translations and Localization

It seems commercial investment, innovation and digitalization are chugging along in Malaysia. This is why a Malay translator, or team of translators working with Malay translations (taking advantage of all that a human translation service offers) can help a tech or trading company lock in the right mix of localized and international business content for their official web portals in Malaysia.

GlobalVision, with more than 20 years of experience, knows how to strike the perfect balance between a firm’s international corporate brand (and office), and the localized message its team on the ground wants to send to a regional market. We offer an expert team of Malay translators and Malay translations project managers, able to apply cost-effective best translation practices, and provide a translation end-product that will help your business — no matter how big or small — thrive in Southeast Asia’s competitive digital marketplace.

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