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Spanish-Based eLearning Changing Business Landscapes in Latin America

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Engaging in the technology business in Latin America? From Mexico (actually part of North America), and continuing south, the growth of eLearning platforms and streaming multimedia educational courses is transforming the way people, and governments, approach business and education. Professional eLearning Spanish translation, along with the need to translate software to Spanish for international eLearning courses, both have big roles to play in the economic future of the Caribbean and Latin America.

Developing Local Technical Talent Through eLearning

When a business, corporation or government decides to translate software to Spanish in the eLearning field (with assistance from a translation company focused on eLearning, of course), access to an affordable, yet deep pool of local technical talent tends to emerge, and then increase over time.

According to the media website Nearshore Americas, eLearning programs are helping Latin America develop much sought-after technical skillsets in motivated students and workers in countries like Argentina, Brazil (Portuguese translation), Chile and Mexico.

With initiatives like edX opens in a new window (established by Harvard University and MIT) and Microsoft Virtual Academy offering free, or low-cost online technology skills courses, IT-proficient, homegrown personnel can become a valuable asset for organizations investing in Latin America. And this possibility should motivate other tech companies to invest in their own eLearning software or eLearning website, Spanish numbering among one of the preferred regional training languages — although let’s not forget Brazilian Portuguese either!

Improving Access to eLearning Platforms in Latin America

With the growth of eLearning and video-based online training globally, and in Latin America, professional English to Spanish translation for eLearning websites and software becomes a key component when striving to maximize the reach of eLearning platforms. In developing communities with increased access to Wi-Fi, eLearning can become a game changer for driven students, allowing them to contribute to regional business development — while also serving as a boon for the companies hiring them.

You can see a good example of this in nuclear technologies educational programs. ElearningInside News recently highlighted how the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) wants to leverage eLearning to get professional training courses running in developing regions, teaching advanced nuclear energy knowhow to students who might not have time to attend university full time, yet still get those students in front of experts they can learn from, without tacking on the added costs of flying experts all over the Caribbean and Latin America.

eLearning Growth Chugging Along

The eLearning growth train has left the station, and shows no sign of stopping. With a projected market moving past $200 billion by 2024, professional English to Spanish translation opening up eLearning courses for regional technology pushes, management training, as well as home-based and classroom training, will continue to grow in many parts of Latin America.

eLearning Spanish Translation

And with such potential in the Caribbean and Latin American technology talent pool, shouldn’t your firm think about working with a specialized translations company like GlobalVision? We understand all of the potential eLearning in Latin America has to offer now, and in the years to come.

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