Translation Services Canada and Language Diversity

Going Beyond English to French Professional Translation

Translation Services, Canada, and Language Diversity

Plan on doing international business in Canada, or with Canadian-based companies? If that’s the case, Translation services dealing with English to French professional translation (and vice versa), or technical and legal translation issues surrounding some of the other prominent languages spoken in Canada, should definitely be on your business translation radar.

Canada’s Changing Linguistic Landscape

English and French still rule the linguistic landscape in Canada, but language demographics are changing. Data from Statistics Canada show that “linguistic diversity is on the rise opens in a new window” in the land of the Canucks. According to the last census, around “7.6 million Canadians reported speaking a language other than English or French at home in 2016.”

This means that while English to French professional translation is still important inside Canada and out, for commercial ventures that employ translation services, Canada turns out to be much more varied linguistically than they might have initially thought. This is a fact corporations need to take into account when doing business among, and marketing to (think localization strategies) Canada’s 36 million citizens.

Canada’s Shifting Language Diversity

A technical translator, or companies working on any type of legal translation, can benefit financially by understanding what languages are on the rise in Canada. This will save time and help decide what languages to focus on. As a mother tongue, French seems to be somewhat on the decline in Canada. But “immigrant languages” like Cantonese, Mandarin, Spanish and Punjabi appear to be holding strong. Arabic, Farsi, Hindi, Tagalog and a few other languages are also showing a steady increase in growth in different regions across the country.

Why Translation in Canada Matters

Canada’s economic engine is run by its domestic and immigrant populations. The nation is rich in natural resources, ranging from natural gas, hydroelectricity (fed by its many rivers), crude oil and vast mineral wealth, to its abundance of fishery and forestry assets.

With a robust medical device opens in a new window sector, which imports tons of medical devices, although has recently seen a rise in domestically produced devices as well, plus an extremely powerful overall economy given the small population size relative to the enormous land mass, Canada punches far above its weight economically.

And with immigration uncertainties grabbing the headlines in the United States right now, Canada is setting itself up as potential hub for the international high-tech sector opens in a new window, actively recruiting talent from abroad. By offering incentives and career alternatives to its homegrown workforce, and skilled immigrants from overseas, Canada just might create the next Silicon Valley.

With abundant natural resources, plenty of skilled labor, and a high standard of living — including lots of folks with disposable incomes ready to spend their cash — Canada offers the professional world a bounty of commercial positives to focus on.

And so if you’re searching for new trade opportunities, and want the boost (and competitive edge) that comes from working with experienced Canadian translation services, Canada has a lot of linguistic diversity and business prospects to take advantage of. This is one of the reasons why this North American nation — made up of different immigrant populations — is such an exciting place to do business in.

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