App Translation Opening Up Local Tech Markets

How an App Translation Service Can Grow Your Client Base

App Localization Opening Up Local Tech MarketsApp translation is the golden key to the world of mobile tech — and all of the doors the mobile tech world opens up to a business internationally. If you’re truly serious about tapping into the fast-moving ecosystem of mobile applications on a global scale, you’ll definitely need to call on the skills of a professional app translation service, which can illuminate all of the commercial potential mobile app translation can offer your company.

The Advantages of App Translation

After working hard with a team of developers to create the perfect app for or about your business, it’s time to think about an app translation service that can assist with app translation. Ideally, you should be planning on app localization while building the app, making sure the layout can accommodate shifting amounts of and different sizes of text, as well as different formats for numbers and dates, and even accommodate right-to-left (also called bidirectional)‎ scripts like Arabic and Hebrew.

But why invest in app localization in the first place? Because anyone on the planet can now download your Android opens in a new window or iOS mobile app. And since worldwide mobile app revenues are projected to hit close to 190 billion U.S. dollars by 2020, the already crowded app marketplace will only become more crowded.

App translation helps ensure that your app makes sense to the people downloading it (i.e. literally speaks to them in a language they understand). When an enterprise invests in app translation, a significant increase in downloads at the local scale, and a subsequent increase in revenue often follow. Professionals working with an English to Korean or Korean to English translation service, or translators focusing on French-speaking nations, or Russian, or Spanish can attest to this fact.

Why would a mobile app user who doesn’t speak English download an app that only offers an English language version? The answer is she, or he, probably wouldn’t even bother — and now you’ve just lost another potential customer.

Working with App Translation in the Real World

South Korea, with a very specific language, and a densely packed, tech-savvy population, serves as a good illustration about how Korean translators working with an app translation service can help businesses thrive at the local scale.

IKEA, no stranger to international markets, recently launched “an augmented reality technology-based mobile application” in Korea.  Korean translators were likely involved in the app translation process, because IKEA knows communication with Koreans in English or Swedish doesn’t compare to Korean. That’s just common sense.

And the Financial Times reports that as international “brick-and-mortar” banks are shutting their doors in South Korea, local “online-only banks” are using apps to attract millions of new customers. This app-based trend should pique the interest of international financial institutions and manufactures — and get them thinking about how a Korean – English translation service that specializes in application translation could help them take advantage of this shift in how people handle their money.

The bottom line here is that app translation is a fairly quick, and very effective way to make sure your mobile applications appeal to, and suit the need of the people downloading them — and then lead to more downloads. But almost always, the app is the tip of the software iceberg. Behind the app lies servers and software that may require localization. This is why you should consult with an app translation service that is also a software localization expert, and see how they can help you increase mobile application downloads, your global customer base and international user satisfaction.

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