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Human Translations and Talent Opening New Markets

Website Localization Translation ServicesIf you want to localize, website translation services — and all of the localization skills they bring to bear — can really help a company tap into the power human translations provide, and the valuable local linguist knowledge human (as opposed to machine) translators bring to a translation project. This in turn lets a business dig deeper into difficult-to-reach markets, and speak to potential customers in a regional dialect they truly understand. Here are a few reasons why investing in professional website translation services is so important:

Localization Safeguards Your Company’s Brand

If you’ve spent years (and massive sums) building a reputable corporate brand, you don’t want all of that hard work to quickly come undone with a poorly localized or translated website, do you? When you localize, website presentation and all of the corresponding translated text need to match the public image your company wishes to convey.

If you opt for something other than professional website translation services that aren’t backed up by quality human translations, misused terminology, as well as words and phrases (or idioms) that sound strange when crossing over into certain dialects, plus a host of other problems, can make your professional web portal look anything but professional.

For example, when marketing to Portuguese-speaking regions (Angola, Brazil, Portugal, etc.), Portuguese translation services can help your web designers and marketing wunderkinds know what type of Portuguese (European, African, Brazilian) to use or not use, and what colloquial terms are appropriate or not. This vital knowledge can help prevent your firm (via its local online presence) from making any awkward or embarrassing — and in the worst case, offensive — linguist or translation gaffs that might reflect poorly on your brand.

Website Localization & Translation Services Keep the Attention On You

By looking at professional website translation services, again in the context of Portuguese (and it’s many regional dialects) and Portuguese translation services, it’s clear human translation and localization can help keep the local spotlight on your brand.

For example, if your company wants to tap into Portugal’s thriving startup scene, or perhaps take advantage of Brazil’s privatization push opens in a new window or its uptick in the luxury travel market, or else invest in new economic growth in Angola, your website and marketing materials had better take into account the cultural settings and language differences that exist between different Portuguese-speaking nations.

By paying attention to the linguist and cultural differences that occur in different languages, your company’s image and online content can be custom-made to appeal to your target audience in a familiar mode (to them) of communication — which should help you hold their attention longer.

Why Localize Digital Content?

Why localize digital content? Because effective communication is much more than merely translating text. The way people communicate from region to region can have a very powerful impact on how receptive or unreceptive they’ll be to any given message, or how much time (in some cases only a second or two) they’ll linger on your webpages.

Professional website translation services exist to help companies navigate the intricacies of translation and regionally localized online content. These services can tailor web content in such a way that the human translations supporting that content seem like they come from a local, native speaker (or business), wired into the local dialects and culture as spoken and practiced on the ground.

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