November 2017

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  • Simultaneous Release in Multiple Languages

    Simultaneous Release of Timely Reports in Multiple LanguagesRecently I received a call from a prominent consulting company asking me if I can help them reduce their time gap between the release of research documents written in English and their translated versions. These documents were typically 100 page long and presented in English, but also provided to the client in printed formats translated into the client’s native language. The content in these documents is very time sensitive and delays in translation are causing problems.

  • 3 Tips for Reducing Website Translation Costs

    Reducing Website Translation CostsWhy not take a few cost-saving steps before diving into website translation and localization? When dealing with any web page, translate and build your online content in a smart manner. This way, your media translation service can reduce the amount of cumbersome (and unneeded) translations that need to be localized or updated, which will save your company money, while still delivering quality translated website content. Here are a few tips for keeping your website translation budget on target.

  • Multimedia Localization Value

    Media Translation Video LocalizationMultimedia content is king in our multimedia world. This is why any company using video (and of course the corresponding audio) as part of its international media and marketing strategy needs to take a hard look at video localization, and the value (increased traffic and click-through rates) video translation services bring to the table.

  • Medical Document Translation: 3 Reasons Why It Can Be Tricky

    Medical TerminologyMedical document translation is a serious undertaking. The field is no joke, because at the end of the day, medical researchers, pharmaceutical companies and life science translation services are dealing with people’s health and their quality of life. A medical document translation should always be extremely accurate, and rigorously proofed. Here are three reasons — among many — medical document translation can be tricky, and why people working in the field need to have extensive medical knowledge, while also being at the top of their translation game.