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Video Translation Services Building Better Multimedia Content

Media Translation Video LocalizationMultimedia content is king in our multimedia world. This is why any company using video (and of course the corresponding audio) as part of its international media and marketing strategy needs to take a hard look at video localization, and the value (increased traffic and click-through rates) video translation services bring to the table.

Video Localization Benefits

When running a tech, marketing or medical device business, video content is one of the most important tools for promoting your commercial interests abroad. And this is where media translation and video localization can extended the power of your videos even further. According to the Cisco Visual Networking Index, “video traffic will be 82 percent of all consumer Internet traffic by 2021.” Combine that staggering statistic with the fact that by 2021, it will take a single person (based on current trends) “more than 5 million years” to watch all of the video crossing global IP networks in a single month.

Whether you host your video on YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo Business or your own website, or use you videos for eLearning modules or international corporate presentations, video translation services can help propel your video content into linguistically diverse and economically important global markets.

And with research that shows incorporating videos into marketing email campaigns increases click-through rates by 96%, opens in a new window and that landing pages with embedded video can “increase conversion rates by 80% ,” is it any wonder that veteran marketing translation teams often tend to focus on video localization and translation?

How Video Translation Services Can Help Your Business

Video multi media translation is not as straightforward or as simple as translating text. Depending on what the customer, and end consumer expect, video localization can involve different kinds of translators (creative, culturally-focused, native in-country, etc.), localization specialists that know how to deal with multimedia file formats, multilingual voice actors, renting out professional sound stages and green screens, hiring audio engineers working in high-end voice recording studios, captioning for multimedia marketing campaigns, and working with talented audio and video editors at top-notch editing facilitates. Download and read the below free whitepaper to get a better understanding of the challenges one faces in properly publishing localized video!

Thankfully, there are knowledgeable video translation services out there that specialize in video localization and video marketing translation. GlobalVision’s video translation services bring more than 20 years of experience to the media translation game.

If your business needs translated video content for infomercials, business video presentations, regional landing pages, video marketing promotions, eLearning training courses, videos introducing your company or products to potential new audiences, or even dubbed or subtitled video content meant for television or online streaming platforms, look no further.

GlobalVision can approach your video localization projects in a cost-effective manner because we’ve established longstanding working relationships with audio video translation professionals and engineers around the world for years. This allows us to streamline video translation projects, and offer our customers quality video translation products that are delivered on budget, and on time.

eLearning Translation Mistakes Whitepaper

7 Common Mistakes in Localized eLearning Translation

Take advantage of the explosive growth of the use of audio, video & eLearning around the globe without making the same mistakes that many do! A 15 min read can save headache and money! Download it for free!

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