February 2018

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  • Digital Media Localization Strategies for China

    Digital Media Strategies for Localization Inside ChinaFinding sound strategies for localization inside of China — regardless if focusing on mobile apps, software, or text and media for web pages — is vital for any foreign business or startup searching for commercial success. By working with Chinese translation services that focus on app, software and website localization, companies can increase their chances of implementing a fruitful digital business strategy in China. The demand for an experienced translation localization team able to traverse the technical and regulatory complexities that come with a Chinese localization project is booming right now. According to forecasts taken from Statista’s Digital Economy Compass, this trend will only likely increase in the future, as China is set to overtake the U. S. as the world’s largest digital economy.

  • Translate English to Spanish for the USA: 7 Compelling Reasons

    Spanish Website Translation LocalizationThe Spanish language, as used in the day-to-day lives of many people living in the U.S., isn’t going anywhere soon. In fact, Spanish, which is the second most common language on the planet (Mandarin Chinese is number one), is only set to grow. That simple fact, combined with the six compelling reasons below, which address why Spanish website translation shouldn’t be ignored domestically, ought to be more than enough to convince business managers and CEOs of the commercial and marketing benefits of implementing a Spanish website localization strategy in the U.S.

  • Software Localization for Non-Software Companies

    Software Localization for Non-Software CompaniesWith software becoming ubiquitous in every industry and with many companies planning on taking their products, services and infrastructure technologies global, software localization companies are mushrooming all over the world to service the expanding localization service demand that these trends are driving. Localization of products has indeed become essential to companies’ successes overseas.