April 2018

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  • Native Voice Talent 6 Key Criteria After Translation

    Successful Voice Talent Use after TranslationOutstanding vocal talent can lead to voice over translation success. Business and education translation services should always strive to knock out exceptional voice overs, regardless of the languages in question. This holds true when working on complex regional Spanish voice over assignments, getting into the nitty-gritty of Mandarin voice over materials, or piecing together Arabic audio content for a new mobile app. Here are 6 key criteria voice over translation services (and their clients) should focus on when vetting voice actors for multimedia translation projects.

  • How to Translate in Arabic Mafia?

    McMafia in English Have you had a chance to see the AMC TV series McMafia recently? It is promoted as a James Bond-like action packed international organized crime thriller. Given its international aura, it is fitting that the producers created an intro sequence with the word McMafia changing from one language and character set to another. This sequence of international characters takes about 5 sec. If you play it in slow motion, you will be able to decipher some of the languages that were tackled in that process. Arabic is one of these languages that we are very familiar with at GlobalVision and we could not help noticing a common error that occurs on U.S. TV series and movies — the use of Arabic letters to form words, but in the non-cursive form, which is never used in Arabic.