November 2018

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  • The Importance of Software Localization for International Businesses

    Software Localization ServicesIn 2015, the United States Census Bureau revealed that over 350 languages are spoken in American homes. The majority of the population speaks English, but in places like the New York metro area, 1/3 of people speak a language other than English at home. We are living in a global market even at home. Competing requires localized marketing and localized products, even when software development is involved. Instead of local or “multinational” companies, we now have “global” companies. The difference between the two is the standardization of processes. Where multinationals adapted to new marketing, global businesses work from a different model. That model is localization and translation…

  • What Is Transcreation and How Does It Improve Global Web Traffic?

    Transcreation Improves Global Web TrafficEvery company with a website is a global company by default. But, not many marketers are adapting their content to speak to customers whose languages are other than English. In fact, 60% of companies that market globally have no multilingual marketing strategy. Of those that do, 86% generate content for a U.S. audience and then translate for international markets, according to MarTech Advisor.

  • Why an Official Translation Service Is the Key to Globalization

    Globalization and Official Translation Services41 million American jobs depend on international trade, and more companies continue to enter the foreign market. These forays into global sales get hampered by language barriers. That’s why your company needs an official translation service. Out of the 6900 languages spoken throughout the world, only about 20 of these fall into the category of a “major” language. This presents a huge roadblock to globalizing your business. Fortunately, translation services can bridge the gap. Read on to learn more about finding the right translation company for your business.