Why an Official Translation Service Is the Key to Globalization

Professional Translation Services & their Impact on Your Business

Globalization and Official Translation Services41 million American jobs opens in a new window depend on international trade, and more companies continue to enter the foreign market. These forays into global sales get hampered by language barriers. That’s why your company needs an official translation service.

Out of the 6900 languages spoken throughout the world, only about 20 of these fall into the category of a “major” language. This presents a huge roadblock to globalizing your business. Fortunately, translation services can bridge the gap.

Read on to learn more about finding the right translation company for your business.

A New Way of Doing Business

Make no mistake, globalization has changed how we all do business. People from all over the world now interact in the global marketplace. This means economies around the world are now more interconnected than ever before.

What’s more, the internet provides businesses with an endless supply of channels to promote and sell their products. From social media to blogs to landing pages, they all require expert translation.

Why? Because these tools only prove effective when everybody’s on the same page linguistically. And when it comes to getting on the same page, that also means a thorough knowledge of common phrases, idioms, and cultural forms of expression.

If you’re like many companies on the world stage today, you may do all of your business in English. But if you hope to compete on a global scale, then it’s time to explore what certified translation will do for your enterprise.

Translation & Globalization

Because of globalization, the translation industry continues to grow. Now that the American economy has slowed, there’s even more impetus for companies to head overseas, and this means lots of new translations.

In fact, some of the biggest American companies actually keep translators in-house to ensure that they grow efficiently and quickly across a wide variety of multilingual and multicultural markets.

Whether working with translators in-house or associated with an external organization, business owners and marketers must remain aware of localization issues.

Speak Your Customer’s Language

The first rule of marketing remains speaking directly to your customer. But how do you do this if you don’t even know the same language? When this happens, you need to turn to expert translator services to get back in the global game.

Great translators, localizers and transcreators, will present your business’s content in the language of your target audience. They’ll also interpret your marketing materials and product instructions.

Most importantly, they’ll do this through the cultural lens of your customers. They’ll take into account factors such as religion, tradition, and current events so that your company’s promotional materials perform optimally.

That way, you can ensure that you always speak optimally to your customer.

Which Languages?

But how do you determine which languages you should translate your product promotions, instructions, and other materials into? You might be tempted to cater solely to international markets that already do business with you.

Unfortunately, this approach will exclude you from many new markets and customers. Instead, look at translation as a means of attracting the masses.

Remember that translation remains a crucial tool for bringing you new customers. While you might feel you have a solid grasp of which markets would prove fruitful, hire an expert to do some research for you. If you can’t afford an expert, read the Going Global on a Shoestring whitepaper provided below.

You may feel surprised by what you can uncover especially in terms of markets that want to buy from you and don’t even know it yet. Once you’ve decided which languages to focus on, dive into choosing the best translation service.

How to Find an Official Translation Service

First, a word about machine translation software, yes, it continues to improve and evolve. But it’s still got a long way to go, particularly when you need to adapt your content for each target market, or when incorrect words can have severe consequences, like with medical or pharmaceutical products.

Don’t make the mistake of relying on software alone because it’ll save you a little money. After all, the only thing worse than no translation at all is a really bad translation. It looks unprofessional and will turn prospects away.

You need to choose a professional translation service with an excellent reputation. Ask around and read reviews before making a final decision.

What to Look for in a Translation Company

As you research the best company, remember your ultimate goal, a finished product that:

  • Makes sense
  • Proves linguistically accurate
  • Adheres to the author’s intent
  • Remains culturally sensitive

As you research translation companies, here are a few additional things to ask about:

Yes, hiring a translation service can do wonders for increasing your customer base. But this assumes one important thing… That the translation proves accurate and well-executed.

Added Benefits of a Translation Service

Fortunately, some of the largest translation service companies now employ hundreds or even thousands of linguists to help you gain access to more markets around the world.

These companies also provide expertise on:

  • Global compliance and Country-specific regulations
  • Subject Matter Expertise (SEM)
  • Localization
  • Transcreation
  • Technical Expertise

Companies like these can provide a variety of unique insights culturally, technically, and linguistically. So, keep these additional factors in mind as you explore the resources available to you through different services.

Why It’s Time to Go Multilingual

The trend toward globalization isn’t slowing any time soon. That means you need to get ahead of the game by creating a multilingual website. That way, more customers from all over the world will have access to your products and services.

Besides expanding your potential market, a multilingual website will also help you increase client satisfaction and trust. What’s more, Google likes multilingual websites, which means the potential for better rankings.

A multilingual website and marketing materials allow you to gain an edge on the competition. When you market your brand on the international stage in multiple languages, you gain an edge in your industry. You establish a global brand.

Establishing a Global Brand

Interested in learning more about how to take your business to the next level with the help of an official translation service?

At Global Vision International. Inc., we’re committed to helping you reach new global markets by providing you with expert translation and localization services. Follow our GlobalEyes blog to learn more about what a multilingual brand can do for you.

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