Transcreated with Tact: 7 Tips for Proper Advertising Transcreation

Your business deserves to make the most of the connected global marketplace

Transcreated with Tact

Welcome to the modern world of constant digital connectivity. It seems as though you can’t find anyone without some form of online activity. These days, we can find websites for anything and anyone. 

After all, there are over 200 million active websites online at any given moment. The good news is that they’re all connected to and accessible by everyone with internet access. If you are the owner or developer of a website, you have the entire global market at your fingertips. 

You might have established a well-developed local consumer base for your business. Your website might be popular within communities of your native language. What about in foreign countries, though?

Your website (and, therefore, your business) could be missing out on even more success.  It’s important to consider that marketing to other countries could be profitable. You can accomplish this once the messages of your marketing strategies are transcreated.

#1 Determine What Materials You Need Transcreated

Transcreation is, after all, a facet of creative translation. When translating to a foreign language, you have two options. You can either translate directly, or you can translate creatively.

Direct language translation is a process best used for technical or informational materials. The alternative, more creative option is what your business’s website needs for its advertising materials. In other words, you need to use transcreation to translate your brand into a foreign culture. 

There are many different avenues of digital marketing strategies. Your company has likely had local success in campaigns on social media and e-mail newsletters. These are the materials you should consider for advertising transcreation. 

Consider the fact that social media networks have almost 3.2 billion users opens in a new window across the globe. The growth of your global online presence is worth an investment if it connects you with many of these potential customers. If your website or customer experiences aren’t reaching those foreign online markets, you’re missing out. 

#2 Transcreation Is Intended To Enhance Translation Services 

Perhaps you’re ready to launch your website into foreign markets. In order for your advertisement materials to succeed in promoting your brand, you likely need to hire creative translation services. To be more specific, you need to hire creative translation services who can transcreate for you. 

Professional transcreation services are available to help businesses like yours truly connect with foreign cultures. Make sure you find these specific services – not just translation services. 

Their transcreation expertise should affect how your brand markets its words and visuals. You might be surprised to find that different visuals can actually have different levels of success in different countries. Hence, branding transcreation is more important than a regular, direct translation. 

#3 Use Transcreation To Perfect Your International Search Engine Optimization (ISEO)

One ultimate goal of transcreation is to allow foreign online users to find your brand’s website. Your bottom line depends on your website’s ability to sell products or services, right?

That’s where ISEO comes into play. Transcreation considers the keywords and phrases that foreign online users will search for. 

Proper transcreation allows for more than a genuine connection between a foreign culture and your brand. Transcreation considers global SEO so foreign online users will see your website when they use search engines in their own country. 

#4 Cultural Consultation, Including Competitor Landscape

That’s why it can be crucial that you hire professional transcreation services. These experts are the people you should be able to consult every step of the way. They need to have a ready and helpful knowledge of your chosen foreign market(s). 

In essence, they need to keep you in the loop of their transcreation activities and goals. If they can deliver a greater online consumer base, then you should set them free to do what they are good at doing. A proper transcreation service will know to keep you in the loop while transcreating your advertising materials.

Make sure you stay on top of the game by staying informed. Do you know why certain transcreation strategies are employed in certain foreign markets? Are you comfortable that your transcreated materials will stand up to foreign competitors well? 

#5 Stay Flexible with Changing Times

One thing to remember with transcreation is that culture does change with time. If you want your transcreation to stay impactful, it needs to shift with cultures – even foreign ones. That’s one reason it can be essential to stay in touch with everything your creative translation services are doing on your behalf. 

#6 Only Hire the Top Talent in Creative Transcreation

When you’re ready to invest in transcreation, make sure you choose the right creative translation service. You need to consider this cost as a long-term investment for your brand’s reputation. A growing foreign online presence is an invaluable digital asset in the long run.

Still, you need to make sure you invest that time and money wisely. Only choose creative translation services you can trust to deliver optimal transcreated content. Content that will thrill your end consumer.

Start by researching a potential service’s website. Is it engaging and regularly updated? Next, check out online reviews of previous customers to get a good idea of whether you can trust this service. Read their customer testimonials and success story. Lastly, ask to see their yearly customer satisfaction surveys, they can be telling.

#7 Don’t Take Shortcuts with Machine Translation

It’s tempting to take the easy way out sometimes. Perhaps you’ve heard about machine translation. This technology relies on artificial intelligence to translate text without humans. 

This technology, though possibly free, is not worth your time. You need proper transcreation to ensure your foreign branding is truly successful in connecting with its consumers. To avoid disastrous results, you need to avoid machine translation like you avoid a plague!

Find Creative Translation Services to Transcreate for You

At this point, you should have a solid understanding of what it takes to properly transcreate your marketing materials. Your business deserves to make the most of the connected global marketplace. Don’t let the limits of your business’s geography stop you from growing. 

It’s time for you to invest in creative translation services. Brand your marketing materials the right way. These professionals can ensure your materials are transcreated optimally for each language and culture. 

That’s why we encourage you to continue your research on transcreation. We’re here to answer all your questions, so please feel free to contact us. To start, check out the information on our transcreation services today.

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