The Importance of Digital Content Localization in Global Websites

The role translation plays in furthering your digital content strategy around the world

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Companies that are solely focused on English speaking searchers are missing out on millions, if not billions of visitors. Many of these visitors could be very profitable customers. If you don’t speak a language other than English, how do you take care of your digital content localization? Using strategies like copy and paste from Google Translate are sloppy, unprofessional. Much of the message is lost in translation.

Is it really necessary to have localized websites? Continue reading this post to learn the importance of global marketing through localized marketing.

Reasons You Need Digital Content Localization

Failing to see the need to localize your content can cost you thousands in business revenue each year. The following reasons are just the tip of why you need to translate your content so the local audience can easily access it.

Culturally Relevant

There are many differences from one culture to the other. While a saying may be innocent and easy to understand in one country, it could be very offensive in another. When your content is localized, you can avoid confusing and embarrassing situations.

When your potential customers feel you understand them and their needs, they are more likely to become long term patrons. If your company doesn’t localize its content, a disconnect is likely to happen even if the content doesn’t offend anyone.

Depending on the country and culture you are dealing with, if your company does something they consider highly offensive, you could face serious problems. Some companies have experienced major red tape after a miscommunication. Don’t let that be your company.

Builds Trust

When you take the time to localize content, the reader understands your commitment to ensure the message to them is clearly stated.

As humans, we all want to buy from people and companies that we know, like and trust. Localizing your content will build the trust needed to get the international business results you seek.

Genuine Connections

A major part of doing business is the relationships you create through the process. Creating genuine online connections via your website and social media platforms is difficult when you aren’t speaking the same language.

If your website isn’t in the potential client’s native language, that puts up an immediate roadblock that may cause them to think twice about doing business with your company. Taking the time and the budget to translate the content is important. This is particularly useful when you want to create connections with people that speak another language.

Also, the eyeballs on your social media walls will disappear if they cannot understand the content that you post there. Digital content localization of your social media posts, videos, podcasts and viral content is crucial to building a strong and loyal international following that generates significant engagements. 

Segmenting Your International Markets

If you want to be most effective, you need to segment your audience. You can do that based on geographical locations or on language. For instance, your Spanish speaking audience may be present in the Americas and in Spain. You can target them all with Spanish digital content. Or you can even segment them into smaller groups based on countries.

Sharing the same content all over the world may not generate the results you seek. When you segment your markets, you can control and  keep track of what you’re doing in and for each market.

Better Support for In-Market Team Members

Even if you aren’t in the location you’re marketing to, you likely have representatives that are supporting you. You can delegate to your representative the localization work. But better yet, you can do the localization yourself by engaging a professional localization service provider. You can then get approvals from your local representatives on the final digital content. By doing so, you will continue to control the ownership, quality and timing of your content delivery.

Search Engine Optimization

Everyone wants to sell to people in the United States. While there is a lot of opportunity here, there are many other areas that companies aren’t serving. Chief among them is the China. 

If your company hasn’t optimized its digital content for other languages on the Google search engine, then you’re missing out. But in addition to Google, there are search engines like Baidu that serve the Chinese market.

44.5 percent of searches from China are generated through the Baidu search engine. Don’t let your business miss out on the massive Chinese market by not being optimized properly in Baidu.

Having your content localized and optimized for Baidu and the Chinese market is essential if you want to rank well in China. 

On-Page SEO for Other Languages

When you translate your company’s digital content into the languages of all its target markets, you open up your doors to brand new opportunities. While search engines are getting smarter on a daily basis, they often can’t understand what your website means in other languages.

Give Google, Baidu and other search engines the information they need to rank your website on their first page. Just like you need optimized meta tags and keywords within your content in your native language, the same is true when your content is in other languages. And unless it is, international web users that search with keywords in their own languages will never find you!

Don’t make the mistake of trying to use a machine to translate your website. While the technology is better than it was five years ago, it is still far behind a professional level.

If you want to market to any country in the world, you should attempt to have all of your important digital content available in their language. The beauty of digital content is that it enables you to easily measure your return on investment based on the traffic, leads and business that it directly generates. 

Make Your Website Effective for All Markets

No one wants to miss out on thousands of potential customers. If you have a product or a service that can be used worldwide, don’t limit your company to your local clients. With today’s digital platforms and reach, you can target all lucrative markets. To ensure you’re getting the results you want, digital content localization isn’t a luxury — it is a necessity.

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