Translating on the Phone: 7 Best Translation Apps You Need to Try

Certified language translation services will continue to have a place in business, but so do translation apps!

phone translation apps

Your business could be losing money if you don’t take into consideration how many languages are spoken around the world.

Imagine a client calls and is ready to make a sale with you on the spot. This could easily slip through your fingers if you can’t understand each other and you have no translation options available.

Including a wide range of local and international customers in your organization’s planning helps with scaling. The good thing is that your team does not have to be polyglot to take advantage of more communication options. Check out these 7 basic translation apps to help you better communicate with all of your potential customers.


TripLingo is one of the more popular translation apps. And with the great features that are included, it’s easy to see why. The app has a voice translator that instantly turns your words from the spoken language to the desired one.

It also has a phrasebook with more than 2,000 per language for 13 common languages. It offers different variations of conversation, including formal, slang and casual speech.

The app also saves you money on roaming charges that can quickly add up and become expensive. It does this by providing you with a built-in Wi-Fi dialer to make free international calls. But this is only when Wi-Fi is connected to your phone. The app is available free for iOS and Android users. You have the option to upgrade to the pro version for $40 per month.

SayHi Translate

This app falls on the list of best translation apps because of the wide range of language options that it offers users. There is currently more than 50 languages to choose from with dialect support for a select few of them. You can also do an immediate translation with your voice with this app. 

The app is a convenient way to speak to others when there is a language barrier. However, it only functions when the internet is available and there are permissions for microphone and push notifications for full usage.

iTranslate Translator & Dictionary

This is the first out of all the translation apps to have the most languages for you to choose from. The iTranslate app currently allows you to translate in over 100 languages for text. The offline translation mode only allows 40 of those language choices. There are also options for different dialects within the language selections.

If you opt-in for the paid pro version, you are able to use your camera to take photos that will translate written materials. The paid version also offers voice-to-voice translation and different tenses of verb conjugations.


Waygo is a great translator app for Asian languages. It only translates Chinese (simplified and traditional), Japanese or Korean to English. However, this is one of the best translation apps to get you out of a jam when you don’t have any internet connection or want to save data, as it can operate offline. 

You can use your camera with the app’s visual translator feature and actually see the pronunciation of the words. The app can be downloaded for free but the limited version only allows for 10 translations per day. There is an unlimited version when you upgrade.


TextGrabber is currently only available for iOS devices but it is listed as one of the best translator apps due to the great scan and capture ability. The app can produce translations by simply taking fragmented texts or reading QR codes and performing searches online or in maps. It has translations for over 100 languages and 10 languages when offline.

This translation technology literally allows you to translate any printed text you need using this app, including text from TV or smartphone screens, magazines and books, receipts, signs and much more. The app digitizes texts and other things in your phone, such as email addresses, dates and links, to make them clickable and convenient.

Naver Papago Translate

Papago is a good translator app that is user-friendly, simple and straightforward. The app was named a parrot, which is what “papago” means because these smart birds have the ability to communicate in multiple languages. The app currently has 13 language options, including English, Spanish, French, Chinese (simplified), Italian and more.

This app has all the basics that you would need. There are options for, both, text and voice translation and even a conversation translator feature that allows for simultaneous speech in both languages when speaking one-on-one with someone. You can also take a picture of text for immediate translation and browse the dictionary and phrasebooks for more handy meanings and terms at your fingertips.

Google Translator

People often complain about Google Translator due to issues with accuracy, phrase limitations, etc. So how did it make it to the list of the best translation apps? Because despite a few hiccups, Google does offer a product with convenience and accessibility for everyone. 

Not to mention Google’s stats in regards to language options across multiple features trumps a lot of other choices. You can currently access translation for 103 languages by typing, offline translation support for 52 languages, speech translation for 32 languages, 92 languages for handwritten translations, and camera translator for 37 languages. 

Granted there will be errors in all of those but you have to admit that there is no lack of breaking language barriers here.

Looking For An Upgrade From Translation Apps?

These translation apps are great for quick help right in your palm. They perform a variety of tasks that assist you with being able to talk with almost anyone from anywhere. However, there are limitations with using these apps for your company.

It’s true that we live in a digital world where convenience is important and everything happens quickly thanks to cloud computing and the internet. However, we sacrifice quality for these other factors. This is something you don’t want to do when it comes to professionally promoting your products and services to local and international clients. 

Use these mobile apps when urgency or internal consumption of the translation is the goal. But when your company’s brand and image are on the line, hire professional translators! Learn more about GlobalVision’s certified language translation services to give your business the best advantage, on and off line!

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