What to Look for in the Best Translation Firms for Your Business

When looking for the best translation firms, you need to have some criteria

Best Translation Firms in many languages

If your company is going global or localizing, chances are you’re using a translation service. Taking advantage of the local language can bring you closer to your target audience. This can lend to your local growth in the long run as well.

Penetrating an emerging market opens in a new window correctly is crucial to your success. Localization efforts should be five stars all the way unless you want a debacle.

If you’re unsure about who are the best translation firms out there, how do you choose? What should you look for in an ideal translation agency?

In this article, we’ll talk about what you need to consider in a translation company. Hiring a professional translator takes time, reputation and money. It can only be perfect from start to finish.

Are you ready to find the right translation company? Here’s what you need to know.

#1 Do They Use Human Professional Translators?

The first thing to look for in any translation agency is their use of human translators. Always ask if they rely on human in-country translators instead of automatic translator tools.

Human translators don’t simply convert words and phrases. They can understand the context of each sentence, ensuring the translated form doesn’t lose the original intended meaning. They’ll also take into consideration cultural differences and use different terms to replace words or phrases normally not accepted in the recipient’s culture.

#2 What Is Their Industry Expertise?

The next question you should ask from your translation agency is their industry expertise. While there are many generalist translation firms out there, here’s the thing. You want a team who has experience in your specific field.

Many industries have sector exclusive jargon that has its own local translations. This jargon is hard and can make the conversion to a new language sound artificial. Translations need to be smooth and sound like they’re authored by industry experts.

Businesses would want to project a firm grasp of the language. This is especially true in business level jargon. The results should flow with natural sounding words and professional content.

In this case, choose a translation company with a solid background in the field you need. 

For example, if you deal with medical transcripts then you need to hire a translator who worked on medical transcripts before. This ensures they already know how to work around the medical jargon.

You can’t expect your professional translator to be perfect. However accuracy and experience are essential. So do find a subject matter excerpt!

#3 Do They Have Past Experience?

Experience in performing the same translation is a big plus. This is a good thing to see in your translation agency. What is important is that the translator that they will use has the experience you need.

The right professional translator can also have faster turnaround times with experience. This means they can meet expectations. They can provide high-value translations that can give your business an edge.

More experience also builds up the company’s credibility. There’s a lot of trust that goes into dealing with translators. But you should always consider having your in-country staff proof the translation. This should be done at least in the immediate aftermath of hiring new translation firms.

#4 How Fast and Accurate Are Their Turnaround Times?

When it comes to your business, we know that time is gold. If there’s translation work that you need in a jiffy, it needs to happen right on time or earlier. This means your translation agency needs to be able to meet deadlines in record time.

Turnaround times are crucial in any business venture. Even delays as short as a day or two is potentially money you lose from your bottom line. If your translation company is slow or can’t beat deadlines, you’re in trouble.

A translator who can’t do projects on time is a liability. One rule of thumb is that you should be able to see around 2000 to 2500 words of translation a day per translator. A translation firm can employ more than one translator at a time. This enables faster turnarounds.

In products like marketing materials or software user interfaces, you will need extra steps. Proofreading and improving copy would be useful.

If your professional translator can’t do the needed work on time, take your money and go elsewhere. If there is a delay, they should inform you beforehand. Where possible, a service level agreement (SLA) should protect you as well as your translation firm.

#5 Can They Perform Transcreation?

When you decide to do localization or globalization, you need to find ways to prevent yourself from falling in translation traps. Transcreation is key here. Transcreation refers to adapting a message from one marketing campaign in one language to another, all while keeping the original intent and tone.

Do you remember the Coors “Turn it Loose opens in a new window” campaign translation that became “Suffer From Diarrhea” in Spain? What about the KFC “Finger-Lickin’ Good opens in a new window” campaign in China that became “Eat Your Fingers Off?”

These are the very reason you need a translation agency that knows what it’s doing. It needs to work through all types of communication with the target audience through transcreation. Transcreation will help keep the tone of your message without sacrificing cultural relevance and intent.

When you hire a translation company, you want to see them apply transcreation for your projects that need it. You’d want them to articulate your message with elegance and provide the perfect call to action.

When hiring a professional translator, you want him or her to have a robust understanding of what needs to happen for your success.

What to Look for in Best Translation Firms

When looking for the best translation firms, you need to have some criteria. It’s not a simple job to change your material to another language. A translation agency should have the right mix of experience, expertise, and nuance to do the job.

Looking for a translation team that has the correct combination of experience and understanding? Need an agency that cares about your business and customers? Look no further!

We are a team of professional translators that can help you get the job done. With so many language choices and people that cares about your business, we’ll make sure you and your end users succeed through our translation efforts.

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