Corporate Translations: Meeting Translation Needs of International Companies

How to preserve your company's international image abroad

corporate translations preserve company's image

To stay ahead of your competition, your business must meet its communications needs with the strictest of ease. When dealing with global customers, you have to speak their language. There is no time for communication barriers. Your corporate translations should be addressed!

To improve communications with global consumers, hire corporate translation services. By doing so, you make it easier to align your mission and vision with your business goals. Also, it becomes easier for you to achieve global success.   

Want to provide a certified and quality technical translation?  

Read on and learn how to meet the translation needs of international companies.

#1. Handpick Your Translators

Want to ensure that your customers keep coming back opens in a new window? Handpick your translators. Today, you can find many translation services or even translators online.

To serve the needs of your customers, pick the right translator for each language.   

Access to qualified translators around the world makes it easy for you to serve your customers. Apart from language skills, the right translators should have extensive experience in your subject field. They should also have excellent work ethics and understanding of the importance of meeting deadlines. Make sure they all sign and obey your non-disclosure agreement.

#2. Have a Workflow Process

To offer the best corporate translation services, establish a workflow process. For instance, you can have one team handling support, a team of translators translating, and others editing. You can also have another team proofreading the content within the context of using your product or service.   

To ensure everything is running smoothly, have a project manager oversee the process. Also, don’t forget to use available project management tools to streamline everything. This should include the use of the latest translation memory and machine translation tools available in the industry.

#3. Cover All the Facets of a Business

As a professional translation company opens in a new window, we understand the importance of covering all the facets of a business. For instance, we have different translation teams that handle marketing text from legal text. Furthermore, we have different teams for each technical field, such as software, medical, hardware, telecom… 

That is not all. You should also cover different file formats and product needs. For instance mobile app, website, software solutions, technical manuals… all require different file formats to parse and handle. 

#4. Provide High-Quality Services’

When it comes to technical documents, these documents are vital to your customers. How? Customers need the information to troubleshoot or learn how to use a product. To ensure information accuracy in the translated document, insist on high-quality translations that makes sense.

To do so, ensure every translator in your company has the proper qualifications and training.

#5. Meet Global Standards

When working with international companies, your reputation opens in a new window is on the line. Ensure that you continue offering high-quality services, meet global standards and regulations. By doing so, you protect your business and legitimize it as well.   

This gives you the much-needed boost to work with international companies. Why?  Your team is aware of the strict standards and guidelines.  

Finding the Right Corporate Translation Company

When it comes to corporate translation, you can do it all in-house. But an easier approach is to work with a company who’s core competency is performing high quality corporate translations. To find the right company, there are few factors to consider. For instance, experience, certification, references, and the company’s position within the industry.   

By doing so, you get to work with a company that takes your business to the next level. Don’t forget to use the following “translation services near me.” It will help you narrow your search.

If you are in search of dependable corporate translation services, contact us opens in a new window today and schedule a free consultation. We at Global Vision specialize in translation and localization services for all industries.

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