Technical Translation Service: Challenges and Opportunities

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Technical Translation Service for CAD/CAM

Technical translation goes beyond the accurate translation of a variety of terminology. In fact, the translator must have the expertise that helps to adhere to writing conventions. Not only that. He or she must have the skills to translate user guides, owner manuals, IFUs, and others.   

As a professional translator, working in the industry is not that simple. Not only do you have to overcome challenges but seek new opportunities. By doing so, you enrich yourself with the knowledge to understand a technical translation service.   

In this post, we highlight the challenges and opportunities in technical translation services.

Getting the Terminology Right and Staying Faithful to the Source Where It Matters

Terminology opens in a new window is of utmost importance in a technical translation service. A translation company not using the right terms will have an adverse impact on the reader’s comprehension. When choosing a translation company, ensure they have the expertise to tailor a glossary for your company.

Consistent use of terminology

Technical translation companies should train its translators and supply them technology to help them be consistent when using terminology. To simplify the process, the company should have a lexicon. With a lexicon and a proper online interface, the company will translate document with clarity.

This enhances the user’s experience.

Apart from a lexicon, the company should have style guides that document the handling of:

  • Large numerals
  • Weight
  • Width
  • Temperature
  • Phone numbers
  • Currency
  • Time
  • Date

For instance, translators who write the date as follows 06/10/2019, to a European reader, it reads Ocotober. But for a US reader, it reads June. To be safe, they should spell out the name of the month as follows June 10th, 2019.

Must Support All Commercial Languages

The right translation company must offer support for most commercial languages. This will enable you to grow your sales all over the world without any constraints. Also, they enable timely sales worldwide and offer consistent quality at all times.

Must Have a Proper Process That Conforms with Previous Translations

Technical translation is an arduous process that requires preciseness and accuracy. A technical translation firm should have a process that conforms to previous translations. This is true especially when it comes to updates. 

All previously done translations should be reused with minor changes to minimize disruptions to the user and remain consistent with previous releases. 

Thanks to this process, the technical translation service firm also reduces update costs for you.  

Increased Translation Length Requires Professional Desktop Publishing

In an attempt to convey relevant information, translators end up creating a lengthy translation. When this happens, the design and layout of the manual will have pagination issues, orphin bullets and widow paragraphs.

To overcome this, professional desktop publishers should redo the layout of the manual and QA it before going to print.

Overcoming Technical Translation Service Challenges

To overcome technical translation challenges, translators should have an open mind, and learn. Doing so imparts them with skills to tackle issues such as cultural nuances, and dialects. Also, they gain knowledge that comes in handy when translating key documents.

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