Translation Core Competency

Hiring Competent Translators is Crucial to International Success

Translation Core Competency

One of the most grueling challenges to a budding corporation (or even an advanced business focused on expansion) involves the difference in natural language between nations. When on the path to internationalization, companies can hit a wall when trying to successfully communicate with consumers or business partners in countries that have a completely different system of linguistics. If translation is not one of your core competencies, read on…

Take Arabic, for example. It, among many other languages, has several distinctive dialects opens in a new window used in varying countries. It contains a detailed alphabet that reads from right to left. The same goes for languages like Russian, Mandarin, or Korean—the lettering is completely different and requires a well-rounded understanding of its origins.

The physicality and phonetics of these languages have no one direct counterpart in English. This is why interpreting the original texts is extremely important to the success of the message. Only then you can be sure that nothing is lost in translation.

Importance of Language Fluidity

Language lies at the heart of international business. It is a constituent of ongoing sequences of decision making and ultimately forms the foundation of society. Entering new global markets means navigating across numerous language barriers. While preparing to go international, one has to consider many outside influences—government agencies, private institutions, transcontinental intermediaries, and even single clients.

All of these outside influences may reside in different language environments. In order to be successful in conducting business, a company must be able to interact in whatever language environment the situation dictates.

Languages and File Formats

Not only do businesses need to ready to deal with various languages, but also the formats that these languages present themselves in. This includes tangible documents, letters, presentations, online websites, manuals, software, apps, schematics, graphics, videos, and even audio files. Seeking the right translation service provider is a key to understanding and interpreting these various formats.

Luckily, expert translators and software engineers can accommodate all of these. Once the language barrier is no longer an obstacle, facilitating integration and establishing mutually beneficial relationships can begin.

How to Remain Objective

A competent translator must be able to distinguish the meaning of the original text in its entirety while simultaneously understanding how to communicate in the target language’s way of speaking. In other words, taking an English sentence and expressing it not only in the target language’s tongue but also following the language’s syntax and habits.

Not only does the translator need to understand basic meanings of the two languages, but also their logical relationship to each other as well. This way, the translator does not present the end translation in a biased way. The context of translation is included in the equation to make for more exact and congruent communication. This is especially crucial to do in the medical and technical fields of translation. Understanding professional terms and scientific acme can be life-saving.

The use of the blind back translation method (wherein a third party validates a target translation by reverting back to the original) is outstanding at preserving a well-matched translation in both critical medical and legal situations. Ensuring no work is lost in translation.

If Translation is Not a Core Competency of Your Company 

Here at GlobalVision, our various certified translation services cover every aspect of your language requirements, no matter what industry. Our translation process epitomizes functionality and accuracy of text without losing the sanctity of the original.

We offer translation and software localization services for over 100 languages worldwide, with an over 97% satisfaction rate. Our translation packages include document translation, medical translation, website translation, and audio/visual translation.

Translation is at the core of our competencies. Contact us today to learn more!

Translation Management System Benefits

Translation Management System Benefits

This white paper will guide you through the translation & localization process. It will show you how a reliable Translation Management System can alleviate many translation issues typically encountered in traditional translation and localization processes. Download it for free!

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