Translation Services Near Me: Why is Location Important?

The values that a local translation service provider can bring

Translation Services Near Me

If there is any single phrase that summarizes the business world today, it’s this: content is king. Corporate and personal consumers alike are always on the hunt for helpful tips and information from experts.

Translation services can allow you to distribute your content farther and reach a far larger customer base. The problem is that finding a great translation service is harder than it sounds.

Here’s why you should say, “I’m looking for translation services near me.”

Translation Services Near Me: Why Local is Better

While most of the work can be done remotely, there are several important reasons to opt for a translation service that is near you.

Access to Your Account Manager

In most cases, you’ll negotiate the terms of your translation order with your account manager. This doesn’t mean however that you stop interacting with them after the deal is signed.

You may need to reach out to your account manager several times. Perhaps the scope of your translation job changes or an issue comes up at the last minute.

When the account manager is local, their 9-5 is your 9-5. You don’t have to send an email and wait for 9 am to hit in their time zone. A local account manager is a recipe for faster responses and easier communication.

Access to Your Project Manager

Another person you can expect to get to know during your translation job is your project manager. They’ll be your point of contact when it comes to issues and details in the project itself, rather than the price and scope.

During the translation, your project manager may need to ask you for details, definitions, and clarifications. This is especially true if your content has a lot of technical jargon.

A local project manager will be easier to communicate with throughout your project.

Also, having the project manager present in the same area as you or where you develop the product, will enable face to face meetings that are ideal for project kick-offs. This is particularly true when you involve a big group of stakeholders.

Supporting the Local Community

When you work with a local translation service, you’re supporting your local economy. This has far more long-term benefits by keeping your local economy strong.

In fact, there are many benefits to buying local opens in a new window. You keep the money in the community, which will help create more local jobs and improve local living standards.

Taking a PR Opportunity

No business wants to turn down a free opportunity to boost their public image. That’s what you’ll get when you support local businesses like nearby translation services.

According to an American Express survey, 93% of people opens in a new window say supporting local businesses is important. When they see that you share their values, they’re more likely to become supporters and customers of yours too.

Plus, it opens more opportunities for you to get involved in local charity functions. This is another source of inexpensive publicity.

Taking a Look Next Door

Many aspects of doing business are enhanced when the human element is present.

Also, who knows, the local translation team members may also be your next door neighbors, your fellow gym goers, the parents of your kids’ friends at school or even your customers!

That’s why you should try if you can to start your search to “translation services near me.” A local team will be able to communicate with you efficiently enough to deliver a great translation, opening the door to more revenue around the world. 

 To make that a reality, contact our translation service today.

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