Search Engine Optimize as You Translate Web Content

What translation techniques to apply for your different digital marketing channels

Digital Marketing & SEO for Non-Techies Full Video

I recently had the privilege to participate in SCORE Business TV with Dennis Zink. Dennis is the host of the popular program and the Chair of the SCORE Manasota chapter. The episode was about Digital Marketing and SEO for non-techies. The intent is to educate small business owners and entrepreneurs about the benefits and value of digital marketing and SEO. These techniques apply when you translate web content into major commercial languages to generate traffic worldwide.

Who is SCORE?

For those of you who don’t know SCORE, it is a national non-profit organization, affiliated with and partially funded by the Small Business Administration (SBA). SCORE’s mission is to help small businesses and entrepreneurs across the United States grow and succeed in their missions. It has over 300 chapters and relies on tens of thousands of volunteers, many of whom are retired executives.

Why is Digital Marketing Important?

Digital marketing relies significantly on the core marketing principles. But it deviates by focusing first on the customer and on online technologies. It encompasses all digital channels by which businesses can reach their target audience and markets.

Search Engine Optimization of Translated Web Content

The purpose of these channels is to direct traffic to a website and offer them the best user experience possible online. By offering the best user experience, the traffic will therefore have a good chance to convert to leads and sales.

Digital marketing channels include organic, direct, referral, paid, social, email, affiliate and other.

Translation of content is very important to all channels. Both machine and human translations therefore have their place in digital marketing. Perhaps the most important channels to translation vendors are Organic, Paid and Email. They all require quality translation to professionally project their brands and value propositions and effectively communicate with their potential clients around the world.

Since digital marketing is about putting user experience above all else, companies cannot rely on machine translation to offer that unique and high-quality interaction with their users.

The Social channel however has relied significantly on machine translation, which is understandable given the volume, spontaneity and timeliness of posts. Machine translation hence enabled users around the world to follow social media posts and get the gist of the intended communication.

What is SEO?

Organic traffic that lands on the website comes through the organic digital marketing channel. It is probably the most coveted channel due to the perception that it is free. Unlike paid traffic, organic traffic does not require a payment to a search engine company for each visit or sale.

SEO Important for Translated Web Content

Consequently, to improve the volume of organic traffic, search engine optimization (SEO) techniques are used. This involves on-page and off-page optimization efforts, which are quite laborious and time consuming, hence not free.

Also, referral traffic is due to off-page optimization efforts. These are efforts to create back links to your own website content. You should therefore ideally search engine optimize this off-page content to be visible enough to drive referral traffic.

Why is SEO Important as You Translate Web Content?

Typically, companies want to translate their on-page and off-page content into the languages of their users to maximize their users’ experiences. These translations must hence be done and/or verified by experienced human translators with an understanding of the content and the intended target audience.

Translation of search engine optimized content also requires experience with search engine optimization techniques. The commonly accepted SEO practices therefore need to be maintained in and applied to the translated text.

For instance, meta tags need also to be translated. Sometimes URLs need to be translated. This is text that is embedded in the code and not visible to the human eye on the surface in a web browser. Experience handling HTML code and possibly SEO plugins is therefore required.

Over a decade ago, GlobalVision led the industry in identifying these techniques and writing about them. We argued that companies should not simply search engine optimize their content, they should search engine geo-optimize it. A decade later, this continues to hold very true!

Keywords Are the DNA of Your Content

Since keywords are at the heart of organic traffic, they should be the DNA of your content. Well, keywords change in different languages. A literal translation is rarely enough. Much more is needed. Welcome to the world of transcreation!

Transcreation enables companies to use the most ideal keywords to drive international traffic to their website, without deviating from the intended meaning of their source content. Researching keywords in all languages and verifying them against local search engine is therefore of paramount importance.

Transcreation is also an essential tool for the Paid channel. Pay per click ads are packed with keywords and character length restrictions. Without transcreation, your ads will consequently fall flat on your international users’ ears.

Reaching International Users Online via Translation

If you have a strong digital marketing strategy at home, why not leverage it worldwide? Digital marketing is above all about maximizing the user’s experience online. You will not achieve that by relying on automatic translation tools, particularly for driving organic traffic.

In conclusion, GlobalVision has over a decade of experience in this field. We deploy all the tools and processes needed to help you achieve the maximum user experience regardless of the digital marketing channel you use. Secondly, we have access to engineers that understand inside-out the technicalities and requirements of SEO. Moreover, we employ the most talented and professional translators in the industry. We also have access to the latest machine translation technologies available.

Couple all that with first class project management staff and you have a recipe for international online success.

Are you planning to translate web content? Watch the above video (download transcript), then download the below whitepaper or contact us for more information.

Global Search Engine Optimization (SEO) White Paper

Global Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Whitepaper

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