10 Tips to Advance Global Web Presence Whitepaper

And take control of your worldwide digital marketing strategy

Many executives underestimate the importance of website localization and what it involves when they need to advance their global web presence. You must make your global website the center of your strong international marketing strategy in this digital age.

At the same time, many translation and localization companies offer website translation services including translation, review, formatting, quality assurance and publishing. They often serve pages on their or your web servers.

With so many available services, one can get easily lost looking for the right vendor. So how do you choose who to work with to advance your global web presence and keep full control of your worldwide digital marketing strategy?

Global Web Presence Lessons

  1. Advance Global Web PresenceWhen should you localize your website? Timing is very important as you don’t want to loose traffic and sales opportunities. We will show you how with Google Analytics you can identify the best time to think about globalizing your website.
  2. How to measure dividends of your localization efforts? Without a good handle on our ROI, there is no way for you to make a decision on scaling your global website presence.
  3. When to seek help? Seeking help at the appropriate time will save you from redoing unnecessary work and publishing less than optimal site.
  4. How to Geo-optimize your website? Avoid SEO for each localized site. Following these instructions will save you SEO costs and generate much more international traffic.
  5. Where to find and reach your international audience online?
  6. How to keep the DNA of your website intact? Yes, your website has a DNA and you want to keep that DNA intact when taking it global!
  7. Best SEO practices of international sites? Learn how to be visible to all international search engines, no matter what audience your site targets.
  8. Importance of transcreation in PPC campaigns. Must read instructions for effective international PPC campaigns.
  9. How to save money on AdWords? Avoid expensive campaigns. Save money and get more leads with these basic principles.
  10. How to take advantage of international search engines? Google is almost a global monopoly, but no quite. Taking advantage of global search engines will increase your organic traffic and organic leads.

A MUST-READ for all involved in taking their Website GLOBAL! 

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