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  • Why an Official Translation Service Is the Key to Globalization

    Globalization and Official Translation Services41 million American jobs depend on international trade, and more companies continue to enter the foreign market. These forays into global sales get hampered by language barriers. That’s why your company needs an official translation service. Out of the 6900 languages spoken throughout the world, only about 20 of these fall into the category of a “major” language. This presents a huge roadblock to globalizing your business. Fortunately, translation services can bridge the gap. Read on to learn more about finding the right translation company for your business.

  • The 10 Most Important Languages for Global Business Besides English

    Most Important LanguagesLearning a second language improves a person’s creativity, problem-solving skills, and ability to deal with abstract concepts. All these are excellent skills to have in business. With society’s move to the digital landscape, global platforms for business are more common and easier to manage. If you want to get ahead of the competition, adding a second language to your skill set, website, products or services, is a great way to do it. Read on for the ten best languages for business that you can learn or localize your website or products into.

  • How Global Translation Services Can Save Your Business Money

    Language Service ProviderThanks to the internet, it’s easier than ever to take your business on a global tour to reach more customers across the world.

    But reaching out to other countries comes with challenges, one of which is language barriers. You can’t connect with potential customers if you can’t speak to them. If you’re at this point in your global outreach efforts, you have an important decision to make: do you hire a translator or work with a language translation service? While there are certainly some advantages to having a dedicated translator working for you, using corporate translation services can save your company money and help you reach more customers. Keep reading to find out just some of the ways using a translation service will save your company money.

  • How the Written and Spoken Spanish Language Has Evolved

    How Written and Spoken Spanish Have Evolved Over the YearsIf you’re interested in Spanish, perhaps as a language learner, or maybe you’re working with a translation team building a website in Spanish, or employing a translation agency to sort through your Spanish documentation translations, you’ve definitely come to the right place to learn more about how written and spoken Spanish have evolved over the years.

  • How to Translate in Arabic Mafia?

    McMafia in English Have you had a chance to see the AMC TV series McMafia recently? It is promoted as a James Bond-like action packed international organized crime thriller. Given its international aura, it is fitting that the producers created an intro sequence with the word McMafia changing from one language and character set to another. This sequence of international characters takes about 5 sec. If you play it in slow motion, you will be able to decipher some of the languages that were tackled in that process. Arabic is one of these languages that we are very familiar with at GlobalVision and we could not help noticing a common error that occurs on U.S. TV series and movies — the use of Arabic letters to form words, but in the non-cursive form, which is never used in Arabic.

  • Translation Services for Startups

    When Do Startups Need Translation and Localization Services?So you’ve taken the plunge and started a company, congrats! You now belong to an exclusive group of founders that are changing businesses and people’s lives! Your task ahead in executing your plan is immense requiring an acute ability to prioritize and cut through wasteful distractions and unessential drains to your resources. But some aspects of operation can be seen as gray areas confusing founders into mistakenly thinking that they are cutting costs when in reality they are cutting corners.

  • Financial Documents Translation: Must haves

    Financial Translation ServicesNeed to navigate the world of international business and finance? If that’s the case, you’ll need to look into financial translation services. And to do so successfully, you’ll need to know a thing or two about how financial translation works, and how localization and translation increasingly drive the complicated web of financial and regulatory machinery running today’s global economy.

  • Arabic Technical Translation

    Arabic Translation Services and Technology in the Middle EastLooking for a new source of engineering and science talent? Approximately 420 million people around the world speak Arabic. And with new pushes to educate different Arabic-speaking populations and bring more people into the higher education fold, Arabic translation services and engineering translations from English into Arabic will have a significant role to play in the future software development, manufacturing and engineering endeavors of the Arabic-speaking world.

  • Malay Translations and Digitalization

    Digitalization Malay TranslationsDiving into the Malaysian economy through Malay translations isn’t always as straightforward as it should be. Malaysian society, and its economy, or going through a significant digital transformation now, for a variety of reasons. This in turn affects Malay speakers, any Malay translator working in Malaysia or abroad today, and the need to strike a balance between translated and localized digital content in Malaysia — as well as for the people accessing Malay language content in Brunei, Indonesia or Singapore (all with significant Malay-speaking populations).

  • Italian Translator Service: Optimism for the Italian Economy

    Optimistic Outlooks for Italian Translation Services and the Italian EconomyOptimistic about the Italian Economy? Well, having a positive outlook about the world’s eight largest economy (by nominal GDP) might not be such a strange feeling to have, given some of the recent economic news out of Italy. And while Italy — still dealing with a ton of debt — isn’t out of the financial woods yet, people working with Italian translation services and Italian industrial manufacturing firms, or people who are simply enamored with Italy’s landscape, culture of fashion, industrial design and Italian translation in general, just might have some reason to cheer.

  • Local Content: Why Marketing Professionals Depend on it

    Solar Eclipse Totality-8-21-2017 Want to bring your brand with a wow factor to a diverse, wide-ranging audience? Localization is the key. Businesses and their marketing departments depend on the power of localized, branded content to increase brand awareness, and their local market presence. The thorn in their side is the fact that when working with a business translation service on localized business translations, they often don’t know how much money to budget for localization projects — or how to get the most translation “bang” for their marketing translation “bucks.”