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  • Middle East Language Translation for Industries

    Legal Industrial TranslationCompanies and contractors working in the Middle East, especially on big industrial or tech-based projects, are certainly aware of the mountains of risk and reward on offer in a region renowned for its wealth and rich cultural history — as well as the hard conflicts devastating many countries today. And while this is an exceedingly complex part of the world, legal translation services staffed by project managers and linguist experts versed in the etiquette, laws, customs and different languages found in the Middle East can help with industrial translations and legal translations, which in turn can assist a company as it seeks to leverage its name and obtain new contracts and business partnerships in a multifaceted, and oftentimes crowded Middle Eastern marketplace.

  • Translation Quality Met Every Time in 2016!

    Translation Quality ServiceWestborough, MA, January 16, 2017 – GlobalVision International, Inc., an expert provider of Technical Translation services specializing in IT translations, medical translation, software localization, website globalization, marketing translation, eLearning Translation,  multimedia, audio and video translation and transcreation, announces the results of its 17th annual customer satisfaction survey.

  • Translation Rate Per Word : Different Ways Translation Vendors Charge

    Lower Translation RateThe initial savings offered by what appears to be inexpensive goods, or services, can be deceptive at times. Just like buying a cheap car that turns out to be a real lemon in need of continuous repairs, those early low costs can dig into your pocketbook over time.

    This principle can be applied to hunting for a lower translation rate as well — especially in this age of modern communication, and easily updatable media translation. The least expensive translation vendor you find might actually wind up costing your firm a lot of money, and wasted time, down the line.

  • Book Translation Services boost Hi-Tech Chinese Literature

    Book Translation ServicesModern engineering and science often overlap with the fantastical universes created by science fiction — a literary genre that clearly grows out of real-world scientific innovations, before flying off into the realm of the imagination. Some of the most creative technical minds humanity has ever produced have written, or at the very least, read a ton of sci-fi.

  • Software Localization Best Practices

    Unlocking Secrets of Software LocalizationSoftware localization is both an art and a science. Yet is is almost never taught in schools. It is learnt on an as needed basis during product development, or worst, during product release! If you are looking for a comprehensive Software Localization website that can guide you through your most difficult software localization projects, look no more. is released to do just that! Be proactive and check it out before you next international release!!

  • Translation Profession Love

    GlobalVision Christmas Working in the translation and localization industry is not an easy chore. Constantly battling deadlines in all international time-zones, managing stakeholders with different languages and cultures, while trying to normalize it all for our clients who are constantly demanding faster, cheaper and better service, is definitely not a walk in the park!

  • The Advantages of Working with U.S. Translation Companies

    U.S. Translation CompaniesEven though China and India are booming economically, and the state of globalization and liberal democracies are definitely in flux (or perhaps in peril) these days, the United States is still the largest, most robust economy on the planet. While experts will continue to debate what the future global economy may bring, or look like in the years to come, many financial advantages can still be had by working with U.S. translation companies.

  • Engineering Translations Improve Localization Processes

    Localization Process Engineering TranslationsWhen it comes to technical and engineering translations, a practiced translation service like GlobalVision understands how important it is to work with qualified translators with engineering and technical backgrounds. Apart from the core job of nailing down accurate technical and industrial translations, a translation team working on different localization projects often needs to focus on the formatting and design aspects of the end product as well. This can include schematics, training manuals, technical drawings, safety and installation multimedia presentations, CAD drawings, user interfaces and more.

  • Translating Companies East Asia

    Engineering Translation While the engineering, manufacturing and tech-driven economies of East Asia —  especially among the big three power players of China, Japan and Korea — tend to flow back and forth as to which nation is on top (depending on the industry), the world still looks to and depends on this dynamic region for innovation in engineering, plus massive amounts of manufacturing.

  • Focusing on Sub-Saharan African Translation Services

    Swahili, Hausa, Amharic, Oromo, YorubaWhile English and Arabic number among the most common languages spoken in Africa — with French taking up big chucks of linguist real estate as well — Swahili (a Bantu language) and Amharic (a Semitic language spoken in Ethiopia) boast some pretty substantial numbers that shouldn’t be ignored either. Businesses seeking to expand operations and commercial outreach in Sub-Saharan Africa need to focus on European languages and Arabic when it comes to translations, of course. But African translation services that also focus on indigenous African languages can give a business a competitive edge — and access to millions of additional potential customers.