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Learn about translation process, translation quality metrics, important steps and measures to get professional quality translations done.

  • Global Translations and the Power of Authenticity

    Global TranslationsThe planet is a big place, full of all kinds of different languages, many related to one another, while others are off on their own (language isolates) like the Basque language, or exist in smaller groupings, like the Finno-Ugric languages (Estonian, Finnish, Hungarian). And even though, from an economic and commercial standpoint, some languages and global translations stand out more than others due to their worldwide presence — Chinese, English, French and Spanish come to mind — there are plenty of less common languages that need to be translated for business purposes as well. When it comes to global translations, it’s very important to appreciate how the power of professional human translation can improve authentic local translations, which in turn help your company’s message come across much more effectively.

  • Mandarin Translator: Promoting a Company’s Brand

    mandarin translation servicesIf you have technology that you want to market in China (or Chinese-speaking regions around the world), or perhaps other types of goods and service, highly accurate Mandarin translation services are key to your company’s success. If your firm can zero in on the demographics you’re after, and get your message across in Chinese, you’ll be able to forge solid relationships with local partners, and build a good name for your company or product. When it comes to English Chinese translations (or any other language into Mandarin Chinese), things can get a little tricky if you work with translators who aren’t up on modern Chinese, local trends, or the constantly evolving business environment that is in China today.

  • How a Spanish Website Can Add to Your Customer Base

    website in spanishWhile there will probably always be some kind of messy debate around immigration in the United States, anyone who is serious about doing business north of the Rio Grande should consider offering their customers a website in Spanish (if they haven’t done so already). A professional website translation, along with web localization can do wonders for a company’s American customer base. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why.

  • Armenian Translation Services: Business Opportunities in Armenia

    Armenian Translation ServicesArmenia is a country with a long history. And while modern-day Armenia is not without its problems, we’d like to take a brief look at some of this nation’s influence on the world, and then examine how Armenian translation services can play an integral part in finding new business opportunities in Armenia, perhaps in conjunction with the substantial Armenian diaspora living abroad.

  • Translation & Localization Rates Few Hard Facts

    Localization Translation RatesEveryone likes a bargain, right? The thrill of going to buy something, or paying for a service, and then finding out that the price is less than you thought it would be can be a great feeling. Even so, we have sayings warning of problems with bargains, such as “you get what you pay for,” or perhaps “it’s too good to be true.” And when looking at translation services with lower translation rates, these sayings often turn out to be the case. Here are a few hard facts about how translation rates affect quality, and the long-term goals of localization and translation projects in various industries.

  • International English Translation

    International English TranslationThe world is ever changing and the languages present in our society have developed over the millennia, but one particular language sticks out—English. What makes this language so special? According to the number of learned English speakers to native English speakers has exploded. Over 1.5 billion people recorded by the site have learned English as a second or additional language while 375 million people are native English speakers.

  • Haitian Creole Translation Company

    Spoken by roughly 10 million people mainly in Haiti, Dominican Republic that shares the same island with Haiti, and Cuba, Haitian Creole is derived from 18th Century French, but influenced by many other languages like Spanish and West African languages. About 90% of Haitian Creole’s vocabulary is taken from French, but the two languages differ in grammar and semantics rendering them unintelligible to each other. Due to its French origin, Haitian Creole uses the Latin alphabet.

  • Afrikaans Translation Services, Quality Translation & Lower Rates

    Afrikaans Translation Services, Quality Translation, Lower Translation RatesAfrikaans is a language spoken in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe. It is of Dutch origin and was introduced on the African continent by Dutch settlers in South Africa. Over the years, Afrikaans has deviated from Dutch. Although it still uses in a large part Dutch vocabulary, it deviates from Dutch with spelling, grammar and morphology.

  • Foreign Language Translator Services Value

    foreign translations servicesWhen dealing with natural language translation, often referred to as foreign translations, global companies have to make important decisions. There is an estimated total of 7,000 different spoken languages around the world, found with differing dialects and origins. While many of them are rarely used, a very large majority of the world uses some 100 languages. Boiling down these languages even further, companies can reach over 80% of their target markets by using only 13 languages like English, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, etc. and usher a new source of clientele.

  • Regional Dialects and the Art of Reliable Translations

    Ignore TranslationAny business entering a new market and trying to reach a wide variety of people speaking various national and local languages — as well as regional dialects of those languages — would, without a doubt, always want to commission the most reliable translations possible. When working with a document translation service, regardless if your translations happen to be legal, medical or technical in nature, it pays to retain translation experts who truly understand how important localization and differences in regional dialects are when translating for culturally and linguistically diverse areas.

  • Human Translations and Translator Services

    Human Translations Translator ServicesHuman translations can be explained as specific translations done by people instead of computers. Because computers cannot “understand”, nuances of  natural languages are often misinterpreted. Humans ensure the overall quality and faithfulness of a translation. For instance, certain languages like mandarin, require tonal sounds to convey different meanings using similar words and unlike computers, humans are able to differentiate these meanings. Human translations are costly, while computer translations are virtually free.

  • Human Resources Translation Services Help Employers & Unemployed

    Human Resources Translation ServiceHuman Resources departments lead a very challenging role in the 21st century. As companies grow or go global, they are tasked to recruit, train and retain a wide variety of employees with varying languages, time zones, holiday schedules, cultures and work habits. Gone are the days when employers depended only on expensive ads in major newspapers’ classified front pages like the New York Times or the Financial Time. Instead, budgets are channeled to international recruiting agencies and to advertise online on major job search engines. If you are a global company and are looking to recruit staff in Europe, advertising your open positions in English only is no longer sufficient. Translation is a must and here is how you can make the most of it.