Audio / Video Translation

  • Audio Script Translation and the Power of Chinese Voice Over

    Audio Script Translation & Chinese Voice OverFrom marketing new services and products, to training employees through innovative eLearning courses, audio translation in the business and eLearning worlds brings the materials and services your company produces that much closer to your intended audience. One of the biggest examples of the importance audio script translation plays in this process can be explored by examining the growing demand for Chinese voice over work.

  • eLearning Spanish Translation

    eLearning Software and Website Spanish TranslationsEngaging in the technology business in Latin America? From Mexico (actually part of North America), and continuing south, the growth of eLearning platforms and streaming multimedia educational courses is transforming the way people, and governments, approach business and education. Professional English to Spanish translation, along with the need to translate software to Spanish for international eLearning courses, both have big roles to play in the economic future of the Caribbean and Latin America.

  • How to Translate eLearning Multimedia Content

    Translate eLearning Multimedia ContentDid you know that the cost of localizing multimedia and eLearning assets into any language is a fraction of the cost of producing them? Multimedia and eLearning training courses are ubiquitous. But often, you only find their content in one language! If you don’t want your company to get left behind by the global eLearning revolution, it might be time to consider investing in eLearning video and audio localization services, which have the potential to make your company’s digital training programs truly global in nature.

  • Multimedia Content Enhanced by Voiceover Translation

    Voice Over LocalizationWant your localized content to really sizzle? The right voice, spoken in the right language, can make all the difference when trying to convey the power of your products or brand to a foreign audience — or even when reaching out to domestic audiences speaking different languages. Outstanding voice over localization, and localized content in general (eLearning courses, scripts, websites, etc.) can boost your company’s profile across diverse markets by making sure your core message is not just being heard, but also understood.

  • eLearning Content Localization

    elearning translationDid you know eLearning is the rock star of global education? If online-education was a human being, it would have throngs of adoring fans chanting its name. eLearning and online-education have opened up the world of advanced education to millions upon millions of international students who would have been left in the dust without it. eLearning translation services, in conjunction with video audio localization, and armies of dedicated educators and trainers authoring interactive educational courses, are playing a big role in elevating training standards and improving access to advanced education around the globe.

  • Cantonese Translation Services Significance

    Cantonese Translation ServicesWhile Mandarin Chinese is the official national language of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), working outside the Mandarin-speaking environment is often necessary in different regions (especially in the south), and different business environments. Cantonese translation and localization is an effective way to reach the estimated 62 million Cantonese (officially considered a dialect of Chinese) speakers in China, as well as Cantonese-speaking communities (numbering in the millions) in other countries like Malaysia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Vietnam and elsewhere.

  • Audio Video Translations with eLearning Translation Services

    eLearning Translation ServicesThe world of eLearning means many different things to many different kinds of people, nonprofit organizations, and of course local and international businesses. If your goal is to increase the value and reach of your eLearning products, services and the number of people trained, then working with an eLearning service focused on how to localize eLearning, as well as video-audio translation, is most likely the way forward.

  • Subtitle Translator: How to Help Businesses Reach Local Audiences

    subtitles localizationDepending on where you are in the world, if you want to catch a film or television show in a language other than your own, you generally have two options, which are reading subtitles (often called legends), or listening to voice actors dub over the lines of other actors likes Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt or Kerry Washington. This is where subtitles localization really comes in handy, which you will discover when working with video translation experts and audio video translation services. The key is knowing when and where to dub, and when and where to sub (subtitle).

  • Articulate Storyline Localization: Powerful, Regional eLearning Content

    Articulate Storyline LocalizationThe appetite for eLearning content worldwide is massive. And since this content and training can be exported around the planet, the need for eLearning translation services, as well as Articulate Storyline localization, is huge — and only set to grow in the future. Let’s take a look at why this is, and how GlobalVision can help your company build powerful, regionally focused eLearning content.

  • Articulate Storyline Translation Benefits

    elearning translation servicesArticulate Storyline is an authoring tool that permits the creation of eLearning content and converting it to video and/or publishing it online. Its claim to fame is its ease of use in adding video, animation, motion, text, graphics, triggers, states and software simulations for videos, demos and tutorials. Storyline 2 is the latest version available from Articulate as of this writing.

  • Portuguese Voice Over? Think Multilingual!

    Multilingual Voice Over Portuguese Voice OverAccording to world research, Portuguese is the 7th most spoken language in the world. It is the official language of 10 countries including Portugal, Brazil, Mozambique, as well as having influence within other countries like India and China. During the age of exploration, Portugal was an early leader in expansion. During the Age of Discovery (15th-18th century), the Portuguese sailed and discovered South America and found trade routes to Africa and Asia. These exploration days produced colonies that expanded their influence across several continents which still contain language influence today.