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  • Professional English to Spanish Translations: Regional Variations

    Professional English to Spanish TranslationAfter Mandarin Chinese, Spanish is the planet’s most common language (spoken as a native tongue), with over 400 million native speakers worldwide. When looking into how a professional English to Spanish translation services can help your business grow, especially in the technical translations sphere, it might not always be clear which type of Spanish a company should choose when it comes to general translations, or localization services. Here are a few pointers to help you sort through the vast array of English to Spanish translation options available to you.

  • Korean Translation Service, Good Business and Global Technology

    Korean Economy Translation ServiceIf your company or startup is involved in the world of high-tech and East Asia, chances are you have, or will be doing business in South Korea soon. Korea is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to market size and competitiveness, as well as technological output and cutting-edge innovations. One of the key elements in working with, and in South Korea, is the ability to identify and work with a solid Korean to English translation service (and English to Korean) as language translations can still be a bit of a stumbling block in this part of Asia.

  • Document Translation Services in Emerging Market Economies

    Document Translation Services for Emerging MarketsWhen it comes to global business, and document translation services, it would be very hard (and foolish) to ignore emerging market economies, as the planet is chock-full of them. They actually account for around 80% of the world’s population. Businesspeople, investors, NGO workers, politicians, researchers, translators and many other professionals have taken note: Emerging market economies (EME) are where the translation growth, and the potential to make (and sometimes lose) large sums of money, resides.

  • Xerox to Automatically Translate and Print Documents

    Translate DocumentsMachine translation services, like Google Translate, are seeding the market for document translation by offering virtually free solutions to gist translations. Another company that hopes to provide a similar type of service is Xerox. Last year, the brand raked in over $18 billion in revenue in the document technology sector. Now the establishment wants to penetrate the translation space through the launch of Easy Translation Service.

  • The Challenges of Creative vs. Technical Document Translation

    Technical translation service Golden GateYevgeny Yevtushenko is famous for the quote “translation is like a woman. If it is beautiful, it is not faithful. If it is faithful, it is most certainly not beautiful.” On a broader scale, the quote points to two questions. Should translators try to produce text that is similar to the original version, or should they take it upon themselves to produce something different based on their interpretation of the text?

  • Professional Legal Translation Helps Avoid Costly Mistakes

    Legal Translation RiskConsider that countries not native to your expanding business are likely to incubate privileges on the sly, utilizing translation mishaps to do so. Certain aspects of business are international—specifically, those concerning human nature! Possibility of such cultural exploitation makes it integral that a legal translation service not only be professional, accurate, and direct, but well-versed in the legal atmosphere of the country in question. Read more…

  • Korean Translators and a Nation’s Love of the Written Word

    Korean translators inspirationSouth Korea is a nation with long and rich cultural traditions, and a land full of highly educated, competitive people. Is it any wonder Korea wants to show off its cultural and literary prowess to the rest of the planet? There’s a lot more to the peninsula besides kimchi, K-Pop (케이팝) and the decades-long friction with North Korea. Many South Koreans want the world to know about their history, their language and their literature.

  • Professional Translation Service Helps Solve Slow Local Growth

    Professional Translation Service across the globeIf your business isn’t growing locally, it might be time to consider international regions. In 2007, US-based businesses sold over $1.1 trillion in goods to overseas customers. Today, that figure has nearly tripled due to the availability of e-commerce tools and low entry requirements set by fast-moving countries, such as United Arab Emirates, India and Brazil.

  • The Case for Professional Document Translation

    Professional Document Translation global wildfireThe increased demand for translators has been fueled by the need to reach a global audience. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the job outlook, which represents the projected change in employment from 2014 to 2024, is roughly 29% which is faster than the average growth rate of all the other occupations estimated at 7%.

  • Professional translations not enough – 3 Steps to reach your international audience online

    Multilingual MultimediaMultimedia has gained much momentum on social media and web platforms. Videos are more likely to go viral than text, and text is more likely to catch fire if delivered in local languages.

    These trends have been further accelerated with the proliferation of broadband across the word and there is no point of return. The old adage “publish or perish” is now pushed into the multilingual multimedia domain!

  • Translation Projects Multitasking

    You wish any project in hand could run as a reality show for you to watch and maybe contribute a little afterwards. Unfortunately, the translation business is “slightly” different than show business. But don’t despair! Keeping track of your translation projects and getting successful results is possible, yet easy if you know the below: