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  • Mandarin Translator: Promoting a Company’s Brand

    mandarin translation servicesIf you have technology that you want to market in China (or Chinese-speaking regions around the world), or perhaps other types of goods and service, highly accurate Mandarin translation services are key to your company’s success. If your firm can zero in on the demographics you’re after, and get your message across in Chinese, you’ll be able to forge solid relationships with local partners, and build a good name for your company or product. When it comes to English Chinese translations (or any other language into Mandarin Chinese), things can get a little tricky if you work with translators who aren’t up on modern Chinese, local trends, or the constantly evolving business environment that is in China today.

  • Translation & Localization Rates Few Hard Facts

    Localization Translation RatesEveryone likes a bargain, right? The thrill of going to buy something, or paying for a service, and then finding out that the price is less than you thought it would be can be a great feeling. Even so, we have sayings warning of problems with bargains, such as “you get what you pay for,” or perhaps “it’s too good to be true.” And when looking at translation services with lower translation rates, these sayings often turn out to be the case. Here are a few hard facts about how translation rates affect quality, and the long-term goals of localization and translation projects in various industries.

  • Translation Review Process – The Nitty-Gritty of Document Reviews

    Translation ReviewSometimes translation services — or translation clients — try to reduce costs by cutting corners. This often means that the importance of proofing and reviewing translated documents gets downgraded, and the final documents only end up with some kind of cursory check before the end product is delivered. Anyone who knows how languages work, and how meaning is conveyed with words, syntax, different types of industry lingo and other technical and nuanced aspects of human language, knows how vital it is for a translation service to ensure that their translations undergo a full review.

  • Regional Dialects and the Art of Reliable Translations

    Ignore TranslationAny business entering a new market and trying to reach a wide variety of people speaking various national and local languages — as well as regional dialects of those languages — would, without a doubt, always want to commission the most reliable translations possible. When working with a document translation service, regardless if your translations happen to be legal, medical or technical in nature, it pays to retain translation experts who truly understand how important localization and differences in regional dialects are when translating for culturally and linguistically diverse areas.

  • Human Resources Translation Services Help Employers & Unemployed

    Human Resources Translation ServiceHuman Resources departments lead a very challenging role in the 21st century. As companies grow or go global, they are tasked to recruit, train and retain a wide variety of employees with varying languages, time zones, holiday schedules, cultures and work habits. Gone are the days when employers depended only on expensive ads in major newspapers’ classified front pages like the New York Times or the Financial Time. Instead, budgets are channeled to international recruiting agencies and to advertise online on major job search engines. If you are a global company and are looking to recruit staff in Europe, advertising your open positions in English only is no longer sufficient. Translation is a must and here is how you can make the most of it.

  • Professional English to Spanish Translations Regional Variations

    Professional English to Spanish TranslationAfter Mandarin Chinese, Spanish is the planet’s most common language (spoken as a native tongue), with over 400 million native speakers worldwide. When looking into how a professional English to Spanish translation services can help your business grow, especially in the technical translations sphere, it might not always be clear which type of Spanish a company should choose when it comes to general translations, or localization services. Here are a few pointers to help you sort through the vast array of English to Spanish translation options available to you.

  • Korean Translation Service, Good Business and Global Technology

    Korean Economy Translation ServiceIf your company or startup is involved in the world of high-tech and East Asia, chances are you have, or will be doing business in South Korea soon. Korea is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to market size and competitiveness, as well as technological output and cutting-edge innovations. One of the key elements in working with, and in South Korea, is the ability to identify and work with a solid Korean to English translation service (and English to Korean) as language translations can still be a bit of a stumbling block in this part of Asia.

  • Certified Document Translation Services in Emerging Markets

    Document Translation Services for Emerging MarketsWhen it comes to global business, and document translation services, it would be very hard (and foolish) to ignore emerging market economies, as the planet is chock-full of them. They actually account for around 80% of the world’s population. Businesspeople, investors, NGO workers, politicians, researchers, translators and many other professionals have taken note: Emerging market economies (EME) are where the translation growth, and the potential to make (and sometimes lose) large sums of money, resides.

  • Certified Document Translation vs. Xerox Automatic Translation

    Translate DocumentsMachine translation services, like Google Translate, are seeding the market for document translation by offering virtually free solutions to gist translations. Another company that hopes to provide a similar type of service is Xerox. Last year, the brand raked in over $18 billion in revenue in the document technology sector. Now the establishment wants to penetrate the translation space through the launch of Easy Translation Service.

  • The Challenges of Technical vs. Creative Translation

    Technical translation service Golden GateYevgeny Yevtushenko is famous for the quote “translation is like a woman. If it is beautiful, it is not faithful. If it is faithful, it is most certainly not beautiful.” On a broader scale, the quote points to two questions. Should translators try to produce text that is similar to the original version, or should they take it upon themselves to produce something different based on their interpretation of the text?

  • Professional Legal Translation Helps Avoid Costly Mistakes

    Legal Translation RiskConsider that countries not native to your expanding business are likely to incubate privileges on the sly, utilizing translation mishaps to do so. Certain aspects of business are international—specifically, those concerning human nature! Possibility of such cultural exploitation makes it integral that a legal translation service not only be professional, accurate, and direct, but well-versed in the legal atmosphere of the country in question. Read more…

  • Professional Korean Translators and a Nation’s Love of the Written Word

    Korean translators inspirationSouth Korea is a nation with long and rich cultural traditions, and a land full of highly educated, competitive people. Is it any wonder Korea wants to show off its cultural and literary prowess to the rest of the planet? There’s a lot more to the peninsula besides kimchi, K-Pop (케이팝) and the decades-long friction with North Korea. Many South Koreans want the world to know about their history, their language and their literature.